The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

"AS IF THE BRONX ROBBER BARON DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT" Along comes Little Lupey who in his column today let's the Highlander boss know that there could be more trouble on the horizon: [Steinbrenner will never have to worry about money. He makes money without even trying. Now he gets ready to build a new stadium and make more. The Mets gets ready to do the same thing. In addition, they are ready to start up their own network, which Steinbrenner knows is the equivalent of printing your own money. The Mets got to third place this year without a first baseman, a second baseman, and with set-up men erratic enough to have pitched for Torre. They didn't get much out of the outgoing Mike Piazza. They could have quit in the end and didn't. They have an aggressive general manager in Omar Minaya, they have a manager, Willie Randolph, who is going to be around a long time. The Mets are coming on now. The idea that this is always going to be a Yankee town ignores the way things were 20 years ago, when it was the Mets who were on top and were the hottest ticket going. One of these days, and it might be as soon as next season, the Mets are going to be the best baseball team in town. You think Minaya is going to stop with just Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran? Minaya, a kid from the neighborhood, a great New York story, has a stomach for this kind of fight the way the people running the Red Sox do.] Lupey drives me nuts but he does have a soft spot for our Amazins' That's all that's missing from this wonderful collapse of the Evil Highlander Empire, the Mets winning a World Series. That would be the nail in the Bronx Robber Barons coffin. < |