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Monday, September 05, 2005

"YOU CAN BOO, CURSE AND SCREAM BUT THIS TEAM IS JUST GOING AWAY" You can show hate toward the manager. You can boo the centerfielder with the big contract and the busted cheek bone. You can scream at the closer for making your stomach roil when he comes in the game. You can scream for the Triple A second base man we all think is the next Joe Morgan and it won't make a difference to this Mets team. This team has taken more abuse than any Mets team with a winning record in the 44 years of the franchise and it just makes it stronger. Sure I agree with the majority that Willie made a dumb move on Saturday night by not brining in either Bert or Heilman (numbers be damned) but I don't hate him for it or want him fired. I didn't agree with the way he handled David Wright or his constant use of Miguel Cairo but that doesn't mean I want sent back to the Bronx. I'm willing to go through the growing pains here because I still think in the long haul the Randolph/Minaya combo will be successful. I wish some of the malcontents out there in Mets fandom were around in the mid to late 70's when Mrs. Payson died and left the team to her daughter Lourinda DeRoulet, and the despicable M. Donald Grant. I've sat in Shea when the attendance back then was in the hundreds at games and the park was really a slum. Grant controlled all the money and he wouldn't lay out a dime for a can of Dutch Boy to spruce the place up. What I'm saying is for an old fart like me these are great times to be a Mets fan and some day when young guys become old farts you'll realize it too. What you see in this team is that they have the full respect for Willie Randolph. Sure Bert was pissed off his nimber wasn't called on Saturday but your never goning to hear it from him. Cliff Floyd not one to hold back what he thinks was a bit leary of the move as well but he had the managers back because as he said the manager has his. How many time have you heard Mike Piazza talk as glowing about a manager like does about Randolph? Never. Give the guy a chance that's all I'm asking. (to post a comment please click on the time of the posting) < |