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Friday, September 23, 2005

WILLIE CAN BREATHE EASY�FOR NOW� On Tuesday I asked the question, would the Skill Sets be seduced by Sweet Lou Piniella if he were to be a free agent? Well, Bill Madden had that answer in today�s Daily News: [�Fred has nothing but the highest regards for Lou, but this time he�s not in the market for him� a high placed Mets source said. �He�s very happy with the job Willie�s done and he�s sticking with him.�] If your Willie Randolph, you have to pray that Piniella takes a job for the 2006 season. There are just a few teams out there that can afford Lou and that are attractive to him as well. Would the Old Town Team dump Terry Francona if the Sawx miss the post season? That would be a tough move there as the guy did presided over a World Series winner just a year ago, not just any World Championship but a Curse buster to boot. So lets say the Sawx are out. The A�s would be interesting but I can�t see Piniella and Billy Bean working together as Louie is not the type to take bullshit from the front office. Add in the fact that Piniella is not just old school be he�s from medieval times so scratch the A�s off the list. The Highlanders are out as well do to money matters as St. Joseph of Torre is owed about $13 mil plus he has done his best job as South Bronx Supervisor this season. In the NL, I thought the Marlins would be the best fit of all out there and baseball wise Piniella running the Fish Tank would be a no brainer. But can they afford him? With no new stadium deal in site, The Art Dealer from NY will be looking to shed payroll, in fact there are rumblings of Carlos Delgado being advertised as a Winter Clearance Sale item so the Fish are iffy here. Now the Phillies could be a spot for the former Jersey resident Piniella to find a home but before to this 10 day resurgence, GM Ed Wade and Charley Manuel were looking to be stone cold locks to get the boot. Then there is Chicago where Piniella would fit in nicely in the Friendly Confines as it looks like Dust-A-Roo could end up in LA-LA Land and Jim Tracey could sent packing along with DePo and owner Frank McCourt could start his rebuilding process. After that there is really no other places for Louie to take his charm and warm personality to. That could bode badly for Willie as a bad start by the �06 Mets or a prolonged slump could make guys like me and other Mets fans stir up a lot of shit. I can see Lou sitting out the year out in Bristol as a member of the Baseball Tonight team and sitting back with an eye on the Big Apple. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |