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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY� There may be just a handful of folks following the Mets this final week of the season, what with Chad Pennington going down for the season, the New York Football Giants defense getting scorched in San Diego and the Highlanders fighting for their over priced lives against the Old Town Team the Mets news has been very sparse. But last night they stood up to a 2 hour rain delay and a 5-2 deficit to comeback and put a big hurting on the Phillies wild card hopes with a 6-5 win. The past few weeks I�ve been killing Willie Randolph on his in games moves and handling of the bullpen but I have to give him props for keeping this team not only competitive but having them going full bore in games that in the past three seasons were played like spring training games, hell even Cliff Floyd who was thisclose to packing it in for the season has stepped it up and is ready to put up his best numbers as a Met. You have to give a ton of credit to Willie for that. Speaking of Cliffy I think he just received the kiss of death form Omar Minaya: [�I think that going into next year, Cliff is a very important part of our team.� Minaya said yesterday. �Everybody knew that Cliff had great potential. The key this season is that Cliff has been able to stay healthy and play every day. He�s stepped it up to a level that he�s never done before and going into �06, he�s going to be a big part of our team.�] That is until Theo Epstein makes his call to Omar about Manny being on the trading block. Cliffy though has been around the block and he knows about the real world: [�They�ve got a lot of decisions to make, � Floyd said yesterday. �I think it depends on the direction they want to head in. I feel like I�ve definitely put myself in a position to help this team for a long time. But as I found out last year, it�s a business, and that part is never in your hands, as a player.�] Floyd may have been born at night but it wasn�t last night. Mike Jacobs continues to make the case to put his name on 25 man for the 2006 season as the everyday first base man. Jacobs hit a 2 run homer and drove in the game winning run with a sac fly. Whenever you see him at bat or in the dugout the guy looks like he�s been here for years. Very poised and very confident, that Mike Jacobs. I don�t know how I missed this from Sunday�s Newsday but Ken Davidoff had a story that puts to rest �the Rick Peterson will be fired� bullshit to rest. Not only that Davidoff also puts some light on Tony Bernazzard being the guy that pissed off Carlos Delgado with his over doing of Puerto Rican solidarity act.,0,3079071.column THE USED CAR SALESMAN STRIKES AGAIN The overblown �steroids in baseball� is back in the papers again today as the Used Car Sales Man and Don Fehr will be back on Capital Hill for another dog and pony show. While the Gulf Coast of the United States is underwater and millions of people are displaced from their homes (or what�s left of them) the U.S. Congress will waste more valuable tax payer money and time on a problem that for the first time in history the owners and players seem to have worked out. But then again the Used Car Salesman is showing that he is mentally challenged enough to be a congressman or a senator by dissing the MLBPA when for the first time ever the union is giving back for a second time. The union is ready to go with a 20 game suspension (up from 10 games) for a first offense for using steroids, 75 games for second offense and a life time ban after the third but with an arbitrators hearing first. Of course that�s not enough for the Used Car Salesman who wants 50 games for the first offense, 100 games for the second and a life time ban with no hearing for a third. But the biggest give back by union is the most shocking, as they will also allow MLB to test for amphetamines. Baseball players swallow �greenies� like they do sunflower seeds so for the union to give in to testing for amphetamines, which have been keeping players �up� for about 50 years is monumental. So instead of the Used Car Salesman giving Fehr a big hug and have him join him in giving the Senate committee a big middle finger tomorrow, he just can�t help himself and act like a total buffoon. We all know these suspensions are all for P.R. as the biggest penalty is handed down from the court of public opinion. Just ask Rafael Palmeiro. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |