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Friday, September 02, 2005

�THE UPS AND DOWNS OF METS FANDOM� On Tuesday after Bull Dog Castro launched a baseball to the left field bleacher, Mets fans were making their arrangements for October baseball. Two days later, the same fans were scouring the Internet for the list of potential off season free agents that could help the 2006 version of the New York Mets. After five months (where does the time go?)of the 2005 season you would think we Mets fans would have figured out by now that this is the most unpredictable Mets team ever assembled. They�re contenders. They�re also-rans. They score 39 runs in four games in the desert. Then the team goes on to score 15 runs in their last 6 games. And people want to know why I twitch. As we Mets fans argue over who should be the fifth starter, the offense has shrunk to 1962 levels. Fans are calling sports talk shows kvetching about Tom Glavine�s misplay of a sure double play as the turning point of the game when we knowledgeable folks all know the turning point of the game was when Willie Randolph pull out his Monte Blanc and wrote Kaz Matsui�s name in the number two spot on his lineup card. We can debate Trax/Zambrano, Matsui/Cairo/Anderson/Ken Boswell, and Cal Koonce over Looper for days, the bottom line here is when you look at the line ups of the Phillies, Marlins and Braves the Mets line up ain�t exactly packin� heat. Jose Reyes does what he does hits triples and steal bases. Miguel Cairo I can�t really kill as he was brought in to spell the Japanese Lemon at second not to play everyday. I�m still being patient with Carlos Beltran. Cliff Floyd should leave the analysis of the team to amateurs like me and just start hitting the shit out of the ball like he did in the first half of the season. Is there any way to clone David Wright? Unlike Highlander ass smoocher, Bill Madden, I�m not jumping off the S.S. Mike Jacobs. Just let him play. The more games the better. Baby Manny should be in the 2 spot. Bull Dog Castro is doing better than expected. So what�s missing? Well, how about a Burrell, an Abreau, a Carlos Delgado (how much different would the standings look if Delgado took the BETTER Mets offer?) an Aundrew Jones? I guess what I�m saying is we�re one big bat away from NL supremacy. It does not help either that the manager is as thick as brick when it comes to making lineup changes. There is no good reason why Anderson Hernandez has not come up to play second base. Joel Sherman writes about that in his column today. So what if the Mets field an infield that Davis Wright is the senior man, Omar and Willie are worried about putting four youngsters in the infield during a pennant race. Just think that the experience they get today will pay off in 2006. Just remember every time the fans and media get ready to throw dirt on this team they put together a little streak that make you put your shovel down. NON-BASEBALL �I CAN ONLY STAND SO MUCH THAT I CAN�T STAND NO MORE� For those of you who hate when I make a political statement on this blog, thanks for coming by see ya tomorrow. Those of you still here, it�s time for me to vent over the inaction in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. First off the most important action that needs to put into focus is the need to save the children and elderly who cannot help themselves and are literal dying in the street of New Orleans. That this is happening in the U.S.A is not only embarrassing but it�s heart breaking as well. For the first time ever, this country is the laughing stock of the world. For that we can thank, the cowards who were elected to office in New Orleans and the State House in Baton Rouge. Governor Blanco, when leadership and direction was needed, started crying instead. Mayor Nagin and the City Council of New Orleans hightailed it out of town with big yellow streak on their backs. Cowboy George was tumbling with the tumbleweed down in Crawford as a major city in America was wiped out. Foxy Brown (a/k/a Condi Rice) was having a grand old time here in NYC. And the Vice-President was�.was�.Where In The World is Dick Chaney? My guess is he�s figuring out a way to convince Cowboy George that the Mexicans have WHD�s (Weapons of Hurricane Destruction) and that we should carpet bomb Cancun. Instead of sitting in a corner crying �WHAT DO I DO, WHAT DO I DO�? Governor Blanco should have called Cowboy George to tell him �I need as many soldiers that you can give me as the gang leaders have taken over New Orleans and I�m ready to implement martial law�. Maybe instead of counting all the graft coming into city hall, Mayor Naggin could have come up with a worse case senerio plan to get the large population of poor people out of town? Then we have good ol� boss hog Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who came up with his solution to the devastation of New Orleans, �FUCK IT, WHY REBUILD IT � Yeah that�s the ticket, let�s let a city in America that is steeped in history just let it rot. I guess Speaker Hassert looked over his donor list and saw no names from New Orleans. Where have you gone Rudy Giuliani? Our nation turns it�s lonely eyes to you. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |