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Saturday, September 03, 2005

"THE UNFORGIVING ROAD" With the exception of the Cardinals, every team in the NL sucks on the road. Sometimes as Mets fans we think its just an malady that effects our beloved Amazin's. Be that as it may, the Mets hit the road in South Florida yesterday and the combo of un-timely hitting and Willie Randolph's refusal to either bench Miguel Cairo or bat him 8th plus the Marlins locomotive known as the D-Train all added up to the Mets third straight loss and sixth defeat in eight games. It looks like we as fans will have to shame Omar into at least adding Anderson Hernandez to the big league roster the same way we did for Victor Diaz last year. Remember last September the Mets did not bring Diaz up to the big league club until it felt the wrath of the fans. All Diaz did when he came up was swing a hot bat and knock the Cubs out of playoff contention. I hate to get on Omar and Willie as I like both of them and for the most part I feel they have done a good job and have this team going in the right direction but I can't see why moves that seem so logical to me and you is like major alteration to the Mets. Are we all wrong about having Beltran bat second and dropping Caisui to the eighth spot or out of the line up all together? Are we so misinformed that the thought of using Roberto Hernandez as the closer and setting up with Loopey and Heilman makes no sense. Do the numbers really lie that Loopey can not get lefties out but he stil came in the game against the lefty killers of the Phillies? I guess we were so wrong about David Wright when we said his talents were being wasted in the e8th spot of the lineup. Can you even imagine that this young man who is mentioned in MVP discussions even hit in the 8th spot? Again, please don't think I'm starting to take on a Highlander fans way of looking at things (WIN NOW DAMNIT!!!!!) because as a whole the season to me has been a success. The club is moving in the right direction and should be a very interesting off season but it's just when you see the team was just a 1/2 game from the Wild Card lead and is now 31/2 games back it's a bit maddening. It disturbs me the way the fans act toward Willie Randolph. To call him an idiot and to say he should be fired only embarrasses yourself. I know there are a lot of you out there you never saw Randolph play. In fact a bet there are more than a few Mets fans you didn't know that Willie even played in the majors. Sure he has his moments when we all scratch our heads with some of his moves but the way this team conducts itself is more of a credit to him than anything else. Am I the only person who sees this? Every time the Mets are counted out by the media or the fans they come back with a go on a run. Yes the team has a perplexing way of playing and just when you think they're ready to make the move forward the stumble but I still don't think it justifies the boarderline venom that's been put upon this team. Again it's the Highlander mentality creeping in to our little conclave. Why do you boo Carlos Beltran? Is it because of his contract? Is it because your envision of him was of a .300 30 HR 110 RBI season? Is it because you feel he should bat 2nd? What is it? People get caught up way to much in players salaries. You know why Beltran is making so much money? Because no one wanted to come to the Mets. This team was so far so down the baseball food chain that without overpayment you could never get a Beltran or a Petey to come here. Here's how different it is now Billy Wagner looks at the Mets as a team he's love to play for. David Bell said playing that last series at Shea was the best place he's played in all year. Who gets credit for that? That players look at the Mets and say "Yeah I want to go there" give the credit to Omar and Willie for that. I guess in my long winded way what I'm trying to say is relax and enjoy what's going on in Flushing. The last time the team had this kind of feeling was in 1984 and 1985. Before then th eMets and the whole organization was at rock bottom but two kids named Gooden and Strawberry came along and changed the franchise. In 2005 two kids have come along named Wright and Reyes and have done the same. Hopefully in the off season Omar can get our next Keith Hernandez. Keep the faith Mets fans and for the love of God stop that stupid role call from the left field bleachers. (to post a comment please click on the time of htis posting) < |