The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, September 25, 2005

UMPIRES GONE WILD With a week to go in the season, the Mets are not mathematically out of a wild card spot. Of course just one more Mets loss will seal that and for all intends and purpose the Mets were done by the second week of the September but if you want to a half full kind of fan you could call this progress. What the hell was going through Sam Holbrooks mind when he tossed both Jose Reyes and Willie Randolph last night? Reyes claims he just questioned a third strike and never use any profanity. When Reyes was going to his shortstop position he glanced at Holbrook and Holbrook told him "Don't you look at me"at that point Holbrook threw Reyes out of the game. When Randolph came out to question Holbrook he got tossed for the first time in his rookie managerial career. Just too bizarre but that's how umpires have been most of this season. Between trying to get fact time on TV by removing masks to confront players to the amoeba strike zone to being unable to grasps the rules of the game the umpire staffs in MLB need a collective slap in face from the Used Car Salesman. With Sandy Alderson off to San Diego the Used Car Salesman needs an iron hand to come in and get these prima donnas in line and he needs to do this fast.

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