The Eddie Kranepool Society

Friday, September 16, 2005

�THEY�VE GOT A NAME FOR THE WINNERS IN THE WORLD I WANT A NAME WHEN I LOSE THEY CALL ALABAMA THE CRIMSON TIDE CALL ME DEACON BLUES� What�s to analyze any more? After losing three straight at home to the Nats and with the Braves coming in to smack the Mets around this weekend, I have no answers just a lot of questions: If it�s good to send young players to winter ball to hone their skills wouldn�t be a good idea to send a neophyte manager down there as well? Do you think Tom Glavine and Carlos Beltran look at each other and say, �WHAT WERE WE THINKING�? How hard do you think Nelson Doubleday laughs when those checks for his end of the sale to the Skill Sets arrive in the mail? Do you think Willie Randolph sat straight up at the breakfast table yesterday and said, �I�ve got it, Cairo in right field�? How long do you think it will be before Gary Cohen let�s loose an F-bomb during his play by play? I wonder if David Wright when he goes to sleep at night says to himself �how much time until I�m a free agent�? Why is it I feel I have a better shot of being in Jenna Jamison�s next movie than Lastings Milledge has of getting a shot at making the Mets lineup in �06? Why do I feel that the Mets will let Heath Bell get away for nothing and he will become a big time reliever elsewhere a la Dan Wheeler in Houston? Why is it that the front office and the media think the Mets fans no nothing about baseball? Really how can you say that the suggestions that fans have been begging for Beltran bat 2nd, Wright bat 3rd, bring up Anderson Hernandez, let Roberto Hernandez close, use Aaron Heilman as the set up man, would not have better results than what the team is doing now? Do you think that Freddie Skill Sets gets the urge to throw something thru the TV when he sees Steve Phillips on ESPN? What about when he hears Francis the Talking Horses Ass doing analysis of the games, do you think he screams out �you�ll pay for this Jim Dolan�? I always wonder why is Jerry Manuel so happy after every loss? He always has a dumb smile on his face when they lose and he always waves to someone in the stands as well. I don�t get it. I always wonder if anyone in the Mets front office reads this blog and if they do do they say �Does this guy having anything else to do than critique us�? Don�t you wonder what Rick Peterson is hiding under that jacket? And if he wears it during 90degree weather what the hell does he wear in the winter? If John Shurholtz, Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone were with the Mets would we still suck or would we have the success the Braves had? If Al Harazin, Steve Philips, Jeff Torborg and Art Howe were with Braves would they have won 15 straight division titles? Is there any way the Skill Sets can make a deal with Stick Michael to resign from the Highlanders and then give him a blank check to become the Mets Director of Scouting? Why do I keep seeing visions of Manny Ramirez in a Mets uni next season? When I saw that the MTA accepted Bruce Ratner�s bid for the rights to build an arena for the Nets above the rail yards on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, the same plot of land that Walter O�Malley wanted to build a new ball park for the Dodgers but was denied, I wondered what would have been if O�Malley got his way and built the ball park? Then Horace Stoneham would have moved the Giants to Flushing Meadows, where the city wanted the Dodgers to go and where our beloved Amazin�s call home, how different would our lives as baseball fans have been with no Mets? Who would you pledge your allegiance to? Since my father was a huge Giants fan I would be decked out in black and orange and writing The Jim Ray Hart Society. If you would have asked me a couple of weeks ago what I�d be doing tonight I�d probably say I�d be heading over to Shea to watch Petey take on Smoltz and the Braves along with 50,000 plus fans. But instead I can�t wait to go home and watch Scott Kazmir pitch against the O�s and monitor the Indians continued surge along with the White Sox trying to avoid a 1964 Phillies like collapse, the Highlanders play off push, the A�s and Angels fight for the playoff and the Padres burden to become the first team to make the playoffs with a sub-.500 record. That sucks! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |