The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"THAT'S JUST JAKE" Can you imagine what the reaction to last nights game would have been if the Mets were still in the hunt? That's the frustrating part of these recent wins your mind plays these "what if" games with you and it just pisses you off more about this season. With the recent play of Mike Jacobs at first base and with the bat unless Minaya can land Mark Teixeira, I'd go with Jacobs in '06. Why go after Overbay, or Konerko and pay a big contract when Jacobs looks like he can more than handle the job. The guy was the MVP of the Eastern League, he has shown great poise and he's produced. Omar needs to save his cash for a closer and a big time outfielder (there will be a dread locked fellow who grew up in Washington Heights who now resides in New England that at that right price both player wise and monetary wise would be a nice fit) and a decent second baseman. This is what you look for in a young player, bring him up and see if he can handle the job and Mike Jacobs has shown to me he'll do the job. < |