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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"STOP THE MADNESS" Before I talk about the Mets putting the Phillies on winter vacation last night I have to comment on the Senate hearings I just watched. It's not enough that Congress wasted tax payer time and money with a grandstand production on steroids in sports now the Senate had to get into the act. What an embarrassment. I'm watching this hearing and comment to myself and out loud like I was on Mystery Theatre 3000. First former players Hank Aaron, Ryne Sandberg, Lou Brock, and Robin Roberts show up to throw the players union under the bus. This is the same union that fought to rid the game of the reserve clause and allowing them to decide where they wanted to play and to make enough money where by they need not sell cars or work in a warehouse during the off season to make ends meet. Thanks guys! Then we have this old windbag John Rockefeller pining on how he's a big baseball fan and how disgusted he is that baseball does not have a tough enough plan to rid the sport of performance enhancing drugs. I'll tell you I have enormous respect for Sen. John McCain in fact this country would be in better shape if he were president but he is also lost on this whole steroid issue. It took this hearing to make Don Fehr look like a hero. He stood alone as these clueless bureaucrats kept attacking him and the MLBPA about the policy that has been enacted. It's embarrassing to see these senators make complete fools of themselves during these hearings. First off every member of congress should read Will Carolls book "The Juice" before they ever tackle this subject. They have no idea that as they spout all this hot air there are BALCO like places making the next designer PED that will be any drug test. Then of course we heard that pro sports must come up with stronger policies to "show the children" why taking PED is wrong. Gee and I thought as a parent that was my job. How about the congress passing a law making education about PED's a mandatory course taught in schools. You could fund it with the money the pharmaceutical lobby gives to the good congressmen and senators. But the biggest fool during this hearing was Sen George Allen from Virginia. He said to Don Fehr, why can't you follow the lead of Gene Upshaw and get in line and give in to a stiffer penalties for you members. All that was missing was Allen asking Upshaw to do a little tap dance for us and you want to know why African-Americans think this government is racist? What was never brought up was the MLPA opened up the CBA twice in a year. Then as Fehr tired to explain to the committee that the PA is not against a lifetime ban for PED use all they ask is for a hearing to an impartial third party. You know like the rights of every American to have their day in court. Also lost in this whole sham was the fact that the MLPA has added amphetamines to the list of banned substances. I'm shocked on how this has just gone under reported. I would love to ask the other gas bag Jim Bunning to swear under oath that he never popped a greening back in the day. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |