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Monday, September 19, 2005

�SO AS I WAS SAYING�..� Yeah I took the weekend off from blogging I�m entitled. Between soccer games and birthday parties by the time I�d gotten home both Saturday and Sunday I was too beat to fire up the computer especially with pennant race baseball on TV. So let me throw out a few items that caught my eye the past two days: ITEM: METS TAKE TWO OF THREE FROM BRAVES Isn�t this what we dreamed of, Petey and Tommy Glavine pitching like Seaver and Koosman and finally putting the wood to the Braves? Sure it was a little too late but enjoyable just the same. I imagine it was easy on the Skill Sets eyes as well. Freddie and Lil� Jeffy have been non-existent when it comes to media exposures this season as they have heard the cries of the Mets faithful and kept their noses out of the baseball business. But have they really? I just think they have done a better job of keeping the their views out of the public eye. Let�s face it, Freddy can�t be too happy with the September Swan Song that up until this weekend was keeping Mets news to a whisper and with MetsTV ready for it�s launching the Skill Sets need some positive spin the next two weeks. Some of the moves that have been made seem to be working. Such as: ITEM: WELCOME TO THE SHOW ANDERSON HERNANDEZ We�ve asked for him and he got him. All it took was the Kazuo (The Origami Kid) Matsui to pull a hammy for Anderson to make it up to Flushing. It was quite interesting seeing that infield yesterday, I guess with all the Indians games I�ve watched the last couple of weeks and I�m ready to bring up every player in the organization under 25 to play. The question is would the Mets go into 2006 with the infield we saw yesterday? I doubt it but I won�t discount it all together. We get to see Hernandez for two weeks and Mike Jacobs gets to strut his stuff for another fortnight as well. The organization has targeted getting a big bat for the middle of the line up and everything points to landing Manny Ramirez. The one thing that could push this move along is Johnny Damon. If Damon resigns with the Old Town Team, they would look to cut some payroll so Manny to the Mets makes sense. If Damon decides to go to the highest bidder (big mistake Johnny, you will never be as big a star anywhere else like you are in Boston) then the Sawx will need a center fielder and Mike Cameron would be a great fit. So again look for the Manny to the Mets to reach a fever pitch come December. ITEM: OMAR MINAYA NEEDS A PLUMBER For the first time this season we are hearing leaks coming from some Mets moles. After going all season with out innuendo and rumor tossing, the scuttlebutt is starting to filter out that Rick Peterson is not the genius we thought he was. When you look at this at first it is a bit shocking as Professor Rick has for the most part done a nice job with this staff. But then look at some of the events of the past month. After realizing that he could not dip into the minor league system for an outfielder who could contribute to the big league team and not have an AARP card in his wallet, then compounded by what most overseers of feel was an awful 2005 amateur draft, Omar Minaya did what I bet he wanted to do the first day he took over and cleaned house in the minor league scouting department. Minaya is a scout at heart and player development is how he made his name (Just look at the Nats, an Omar Minaya Presentation) so it makes sense he wants to put his touch on that area. Now the same could be said with Peterson. Omar didn�t bring him in and it could be he�s allowing word to leak that Professor Rick is not what he�s cracked up to be. Word from the baseball media yentas is that Minaya�s Minions are putting out the word that Peterson may be taking to much credit for things he did not do. Those lackeys can leak all they want the bottom line is the Skill Sets hired Rick Peterson and they believe in Rick Peterson�s philosophy and they really like Rick Peterson so look for the Professor and his windbreaker to be a presence next summer at Shea.,0,6726228.column?coll=ny-sports-print ITEM: HELLO I MUST BE GOING It looks like this is the last two weeks of Mike Piazza�s Mets playing career. Sure it would be nice to give Mikey P a great send off but the problem is he does not seem comfortable with such an arrangement. I felt a couple of months ago that Mikey would hang �em up and retire but it looks more and more like he will play somewhere in 2006, most likely in the AL as a DH because his catching skills are creeping up on his first base man skills. This puts the Mets in a bit on a quandary as how do you honor a guy who made as great a contribution to the organization but hates being the center of attraction? Plus with just 7 home games left when would you do it? The best thing to do for now is during the 7 th inning of the Oct. 2 game run a highlight reel on the Diamond Vision and let Mike take a bow. ITEM: DONN CLENDENON 1935-2005 Another member of the 1969 Miracle Mets has passed away (Cal Koonce, Tommy Agee, Tug McGraw and Gil Hodges) with the death of Donn Clendenon. Even though �Clink� took playing time from my guy Eddie Kranepool, he was a huge acquisition by GM Johnny Murphy for the stretch drive. After playing so long for the Pirates, Clendenon was to be traded to the expansion Expos but he refused to go. The Bucs then tried to move him to the Astros but again Clendenon was not interested. That�s when Murphy looked in to the situation and saw a big power hitting bat (sound familiar?) that would fit right in with the solid pitching/defense Mets. So Clendenon agreed to join the Mets and he went on to be the MVP of the 1969 World Series. Rest in Peace Clink (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |