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Thursday, September 01, 2005

�SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE�..I HOPE� It�s a race. An endurance test really but it�s called a race. A Pennant Race. We haven�t seen one of these in a few years so it could take a little bit to get used to the feeling of watching every inning with bated breath hoping the Mets come through. But sometimes you have to give the opposition it�s due. The Phillies suffered a tough loss on Tuesday and showed resilience last night by launching four homers off Petey. There was talk after the game that Petey was not throwing very hard. Petey called it a crock but the truth is he doesn�t throw hard anymore. Sure he can crank it up on occasion but those days of consistent 90+ fastballs are gone. What he does is use his head and excellent movement on his breaking pitches. The problem last night was the movement on his slider and curve and his command. Hey Petey didn�t have it last night and no one picked him up. Then you add in the two great catches in the 5th inning by Kenny Lofton (I thought the catch off Diaz�s ball was the toughest as I would have sworn it was going off the wall) it made for a tough night. Hopefully today Titan Tommy will continue his �rebirth� as an effective pitcher and the Mets take two of three from the Phillies. Meaningful baseball in September being played in Flushing takes a little getting used to. METS ADD THREE BUT ANDERSON HERNANDEZ IS NOT ONE OF THEM LHP Kaz Yesshhii, LHP Tim Hamaluck and RHP Shingo Takatsu are the calls ups so far to bolster the bullpen. Yeshhii hopefully will never have to be used and Hamaluck, a career minor leaguer, would have been here sooner but for Mike Jacobs hot streak. The interesting one of the bunch though is Takatsu. Last year he was an extremely effective reliever for the White Sox. He saved 19 games appearing in 59 games. Takatsu had a strikeout rate of 7.2 K/9IP and 3.0 BB/9IP. This year he fell apart and was getting tagged regularly and the Six let him go. Omar took him off the scrap heap and he has shown enough in Norfolk to get the promotion. Non-Baseball SHE COULDN�T WRESTLE BUT YOU SHOULD�VE SEEN HER BOX (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |