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Friday, September 23, 2005

SEE YA IN 2006 PETEY After tossing 217 innings this year with nagging aches and pains along with a partially torn labrum, it looks like Pedro Martinez is ready to call it a year: ["I'm here not only for just one year," he(Martinez) said. "I'm here for four years, and those are three good years that you'll have probably an ace out there willing to go with you the extra mile to try to win. Win. "I'm a winner, and I've always been. And I hope I finish like that." ] So after putting together a fabulous season it seems Petey feels it makes no sense to pitch his next two starts. I have no problem with this as Petey has gone above and beyond the call of duty. There is no question if the Mets were still in the hunt he would be ready to take the ball every 5th day and even if he had a shot at 20 wins he stepped up for sure, but with the next 10 days really just window dressing it makes a lot of sense for Petey to rest his weary body and arm for next year. Now another apart of this equation that has raised a red flag my way is that Professor Rick is not involved with the decision to shut Petey down. This decision will be made by Willie and Omar. Why would the organization's CEO of Pitching be left out of the loop on a major pitching desicison like this? What makes it more interesting is that Peterson was hand picked by Freddy Skill Sets who had wanted a Pitching Czar in the organization since Dave Wallace left town? This is something that will need monitoring the next month or two. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |