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Friday, September 23, 2005

REMEMBER CARLOS WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER Carlos Beltran to some has been a bust this year (I wouldn't call him a bust I would say he has underachived) and it seems a guy who has been taken to task by fans and bloggers alike has some pearls of wisdom for Beltran: [Tom Glavine not only had to deal with the disappointment of failed expectations, but the repeated humiliation handed out by his former team, the Braves. Glavine lost 28 games in his first two seasons with the Mets, as well as his two front teeth in a taxi-cab accident, yet reinvented himself this year to once again become an effective, if not elite, pitcher in the National League."Am I a stronger person? Absolutely," Glavine said. "I think I've learned much better to go out there and focus on the events of the game and less on what people around me think. There's no question I'm a better player for a lot of reasons right now than when I first got here. Adversity teaches you a lot about yourself, and being able to deal with that, helps you become a better, more complete player." "I think for me, it was just a determination of knowing that I could do better," Glavine said. "You want to prove to yourself you can do it, and you want to prove to everybody here. Any of us who put on a uniform, we have pride in what we do, and we're going to be determined to try to turn things around."It's all a comfort level. It gets easier. Everything you do gets easier. Obviously I don't know Carlos that well after a year. But I know he has a lot of pride in what he does, and I would not be the least bit surprised if beyond this year he plays the way everyone wants him to play and expects him to play." ] I have felt all year that Beltran is still getting used to playing in NY and it seems he's getting used to the fact that he should not take getting booed personally. What's interesting is the fans have much more paitents with the younger players on this team than with the vets. Not just guys like Reyes and Wright (what's to boo?) but even guys like Heath Bell, Royce Ring or Tim Hamaluk are not harshly judged. I guess your judged by the paycheck around here.,0,2222623.story?page=1&coll=ny-sports-print < |