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Friday, September 09, 2005

�NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME PLAYERS� After last nights 5-0 loss to the Cardinals its safe to say the Mets are just not yet ready to run with the big dogs. Not much to comment on in this one as Chris Carpenter shut down the offense and Albert Puljos smacked a couple of dingers and it seems as if even the upbeat Willie Randolph knows his team is about to take a 10 count on the season. So after looking through the papers today, the blown save by Loopey on Wednesday night is still a lively topic of conversation. It seems the Mets have come to the conclusion that Loopey can�t save a big game. Loopey has a $ 5 mil option for next season that he has no chance of cashing in as the organization holds a $250K buyout clause that they will activate. Now Loopey has said he like to come back as the closer-which ain�t happening-and he�d take a two year deal at less money per year. What�s the point? What would you pay him 2yr/ $6mil? For what to set up or middle relief? No thank you. Willie had a sit down with Carlos Beltran about his sacrifice bunt in Wednesday�s game with 1st and 2nd and no outs. I find it amazing that Beltran has such a lack of confidence in his game that as the number 3 hitter, the spot reserved for your best hitter, would lay down a sac bunt in that situation. Willie finally didn�t sugar coat his feelings about the play: [�He felt he could maybe get a bunt base hit. If he makes it, it looks like an OK play. Even if he makes it, it still might not be the right play. He feels that�s part of his game, but personally, no, I�d rather him swing the bat there�] Beltran�s response is puzzling: [Beltran said he was bunting for a hit and was satisfied with the sacrifice, his fourth of the season. �Since I got to the big leagues and since I was in the minor leagues, I always play the game like that,� Beltran said. �I play to win and I will do whatever it takes�.] The problem with that statement is that�s not winning baseball. It�s �I�ve got no confidence in my game � baseball. Let�s face it this first season of Beltran�s in NY has not been a success. I don�t feel it�s been a failure like some do but it has not been what was expected. He had the quad injury and then the collision but you just wonder where his heads at especially after that statement. You always wonder if Beltran looks back and wishes he could do it all over again if he would have stayed in Houston? Maybe even if Randolph wasn�t so hard headed and moved Beltran out of the three hole and into the two hole it could have jump started his bat. With Wright at 3 and Floyd at 4 and earlier with Piazza at 5 it was a move that should have been made. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Speaking of which, how many folks think Doug Eyechart will be a Met next season? No one? I didn�t think so. The Mets have a $3.7mil option on Meinky for �06 and there�s no way that Omar will pick that up so the search for a first baseman will go on for the second straight off season. With that said that Mike Jacobs is not getting any playing time is obscene. As we�ve established between being 5 games back and having to jump over 4 teams it�s time to be pragmatic and look toward next year. What�s so confusing is whenever Omar Minaya is interviewed he always says that he wants the team to get younger and more athletic. Here! Here! But the manager seems to have a philosophy of children should be seen and not heard and because of this mind set, Jacobs gets to pick splinters out of his ass. Same with Heath Bell and now Aaron Heilman and let�s not forget the most embarrassing example, Jae Seo.,0,3712676.story?coll=ny-mets-print Something has got to give here and it�s up to Omar to sit with Willie in the off season when they go over the plus and minuses of the 2005 season. It�s up to Omar to get Willie on the same page as to me the biggest question of the off season beside finding a closer, a second baseman will be the status of Lastings Milledge. Milledge along with RHP Brian Bannister are picking up where the left off with the B-Mets by leading Team USA in the World Cup Tournament. Are both of these young men ready to make the jump to the big leagues? Not just those two players how about Yusimero Pettit who K�d 14 Mud Hens last night in game 2 of the International League Playoffs? So there you have two pitchers and a top flight outfielder you can think about adding to your team next season and that gives you some very attractive trading chips as well. If we thought last off season was compelling what till this winter as it will be more Omar using his trading acumen rather than his free agent salesmanship to take the Mets from hangers on to a legitimate World Series team. Hey Big Papi, Manny, and J.D. Get out the hammer and nails this weekend!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |