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Monday, September 12, 2005

�LOST IN THE SHUFFLE� Between the fourth anniversary of the tragedy of September 11th, the Jets and Giants opening games of the NFL season, Highlanders-Old Town Team playing in the South Bronx (I hate to admit this but while flipping thru the NFL games and the Mets, I stopped to watch the 8th and 9th inning of this game and it was riveting baseball. As much as I despise the Highlanders, I have to admit Mariano Rivera is a first ballot Hall of Famer) and the Men�s Finals of the U.S. Open tennis, the Mets have been buried in the sports pages, right next to the auto repair shops, gentleman�s clubs and penile dysfunction ads. But leave it to Petey to come thru again in a big spot. After losing six in a row, it�s comforting to the team to come home on a positive note. It�ll be interesting to see the attendance figures this week with school under way and the feeling by the majority of the fan base that it�s time to build for �06. Mikey P said he could have played yesterday but Randolph claims he was planning to sit Mike even without the beaning. Piazza is trying to put it behind him but the media just won�t let it go even questioning Petey on if he felt he needed to retaliate. Petey told the jackals that Heilman responded with payback on Saturday by drilling Eckstein and that was that. I have no problem with that and I have been a big critic of the way the Mets pitchers do not stick up for their hitters but I felt Heilman performed a noble gesture by plunking Eckstein. If you live in NYC the best 25 cents you can spend is on a copy of the New York Sun. Of all the NY papers, the Sun has the smallest but arguably the best sports section in town. Particularly on baseball as the guys over at Baseball Prospectus contribute articles every week and Tim Marchman has a baseball column just about everyday. For me, Marchman is the best baseball writer in NY it�s a shame that more people are reading stale shit from a guy like Bill Madden and not the insightful observations of Marchman. On Friday Marchman, who writes so much about the Mets I�m guessing he one of us Mets fans had a great observation on Willie Randolph: [The second lesson is that Willie Randolph needs some better relievers, not only because all managers could always use better players, but also because it�s not clear he�s willing to run the Mets best pitchers out there with the season on the line. Various fiascos of late involving combinations of Braden Looper being left in games too long, being left in to face left handed hitters he has no chance of getting out, Danny Graves being left on the roster, Shingo Takatsu being given key assignments instead of Aaron Heilman, and the like have cast some really serious doubt on whether Randolph knows what he�s doing-even for a Randolph booster like me. There�s something to be said for going to veterans in the clutch, but young players are the main reason the Mets got as far as they did this year, and Randolph�s fine work in developing young players has to be matched by equally fine work in using them.] Amen. I want to support Willie 100 % as well but the moves he makes- especially his mishandling of the bullpen-make it very difficult. With the way he ran his first spring camp I thought WOW looks like my questions were answered, as Willie was the definition of �hands on� in camp. But as I watch his in game maneuvering he most defiantly needs work on in game managing especially his bullpen moves. Let�s just hope that Randolph is just suffering from some growing pains in his first year. At least he�s showing signs of right thinking by letting Mike Jacobs play everyday at first base. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |