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Thursday, September 29, 2005

�LOOPER COULDN�T SHOULDER THE LOAD� Lost in the pennant and wild card races along with the return of Vinny from Elmont returning to the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS is news that Braden Looper has had trouble with his right shoulder from the time the Mets broke camp at St. Lonesome. He and the Mets did nothing about it as the bullpen was in such a jumble as Roberto Hernandez was an unknown as a UFA signing and the rest of the pen that came north was manned by immortals like Manny Aybar, Mike DeJean, Mike Mathews and Mr. Koo so you could see why the Mets hoped that Loopey could pitch through the pain and discomfort in his shoulder. Now at some point in the season when the Mets saw that Hernandez was the real deal and Aaron Heilman, Jae Seo, Juan Padilia and even the much abused Heath Bell were more than ready to pitch effectively where they could more than hold the fort until Loopey would get back from what is a surgery that did not have a very long recovery time, Omar Minaya being the man in charge should have sent Looper to team orthopedist David Altcheck to get the arthroscopic surgery to shave down the bone in Loppey�s right shoulder. This was a major blunder by Minaya and it�s on Minaya as far as I�m concerned because he is the man in charge but Minaya is trying to cover his ass: [�We knew sometimes he felt discomfort, � Minaya said. �But he always asked for the ball. I think that this late in the year most guys are a little banged up. There were never signs from him that the was really hurting. That never got to my ears.�] So Omar says he knew Looper had discomfort in his shoulder but then says he was never told he was really hurting and how could he know there was a problem? HUH! All Mets have discussed is why is Looper so ineffective this season? His inability to get left handed hitters out and not being able to get his sinker to sink has been a bone of contention on this site and others all year. With Minaya knowing that were some issues with Looper's shoulder you�re telling me it never crossed the Mets minds to send Looper for an MRI to see if his shoulder was getting worse? PLEASE!! Especially with the way Hernandez was going and with Heilman resurrecting his career and Jae Seo�s Norfolk performances crying out for promotion the Mets would have been in great shape with Loopey out and those three pitchers handling late inning relief. Omar really dropped the ball on this one. All you Steve Trachsel supporters come out, come out wherever you are. Omar won�t be doing his job if he doesn�t inquire about A.J Burnett�s services. Here is what Mets fans have to look forward to this weekend. Cliff Floyd and David Wright are at 97 RBI so we have too root for both to break the 100 RBI mark but the most important thing about the weekend will be the Mike Piazza farewell. It seems that Sunday�s game will feature a video tribute to Mikey as (if his sore hand will allow him) will play his last game as a Met. I hope to get out to Shea on Sunday as Mikey deserves a great sendoff. Hopefully the game will be well attended as temps are supposed to hit 80 degrees and it will the last Mets game we get until March 2006. (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME OF THIS POSTING) < |