The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, September 05, 2005

"JOHN KRUK THE VILLIAGE IDIOT OF BRISTOL CT" I'm watching Baseball Tonight last night and John Kruk descides to weigh in on the relationship between Jae Seo and Rick Peterson. I figure Kruk must have some inside dope since he's on BT right? Well the guy could not be more misinformed. Kruk as telling his viewers that the reason the Mets didn't bring up Seo was due the bad realtionship that Seo has with Peterson. Which is pure bullshit. Yes it's true that Seo wnated no part of the Gospel according to Professor Rick in part because he didn'r want to hear the truth. The truth was Seo had two pitches a fastball and a change that had just about the same speed and movement and was very hitable. When he finally relaized it Seo went to Peterson and asked for help and he go it. Now with his velocity up and his slider and cut fastball Seo has become a pitcher. Peterson helped him as he had all the Mets pitchers but I guess beacause he's not a quote machine or one the old boys of baseball he dies not get his due. Oh and by the Kruker get you facts right before you stammer out more mis information < |