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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

�IT�S A YOUNG MAN�S WORLD� According to Newsday, the Mets seem ready to add Anderson Hernandez to the major league roster. The hold up is that Hernandez is not on the 40-man roster so someone would have to be DFA before Hernandez could be added. Gee do you think the organization could survive losing wither Ice Williams or Jose Offerman? How about this form Willie: [�I�d like to see this kid Hernandez come up eventually� Randolph said Sunday in St. Louis. Two things are significant about that: The manager mentioned Hernandez without prodding, and at the time he spoke, Norfolk�s season wasn�t over.] The Tides are done now having been eliminated form the International League playoffs so it�s just a matter of paper work to get Hernandez here. And to had to the positive youthful movement, it looks like Mike Jacobs will play everyday the rest of the way as the Mets try to determine if he�s the goods or if Omar has to add to his shopping list.,0,4671608.story?coll=ny-baseball-headlines NON-METS: I was never a fan of Sid Rosenberg and I�m glad he is no longer on WFAN. I don�t like the circumstances on why he�s gone as the guy has more demons than anyone should have to battle and I wish him all the best. But the question I have is between his family and his agent who thought this was a good idea sending a guy fighting drug and gambling addiction to Atlantic City? Rosenberg went to A.C. to do a Fantasy Football appearance on Saturday but failed to show up at Giants Stadium on Sunday to do the pre game show on FAN. I guess after all his priors Rosenberg was given an edict of one more fuck up and your out. As I say the guy has a wife and a daughter and I hope he gets the help he needs but I have a bad feeling the next thing we read about Rosenberg will be his obituary. Thank you Mark Messier for one of the great nights of my life. June 14th 1994 the night the NY Rangers won the Stanley Cup. I was a Rangers season ticket holder back then and I still get goose bumps thinking about that night. I thought my ear drums were going to pop as John Amarante tried to sing the National Anthem but was drowned out by the close to 18,000 fans who were screaming with anticipation of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I remember hugging and kissing everyone in our section when the final horn sounded and looking at everyone with tears streaming down their cheeks as we had just witnessed something we thought we�d never see in our lifetime, the New York Rangers winning the Stanley Cup. After that the rest of the night/early morning is a blur as I lived up to my promise of getting shit faced if the Rangers ever won the Stanley Cup. One event of that evening I do remember was going to the Auction House on the West Side of Manhattan which was a Ranger hangout and having Essa Tikianenn bringing the Stanley Cup out into the street and Messier following him out filling the Cup with champagne and letting the fans drink out of it. It was one of those nights in your life you never forget. Again thank you Captain. You were the greatest!!!!!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |