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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

�HELLO LARRY� He did it again. 33 times Larry Jones of the Braves has gone yard on the Mets and yesterday he added number 34 to push the Mets back to 3 games off the Wild Card lead. What I don�t understand is what transpired on the mound when Willie uncharacteristically went to the mound which when he does only to make the change but this time he went to check on Trax to see what was left in his tank: [Rafael Furcal led off with a single and remained at first when Marcus Giles popped out on a bunt attempt. Randolph, who rarely initiates a mound conference that does not result in the pitcher being removed, ran from the dugout and asked Trachsel if he felt strong enough to pitch to Jones. Trachsel said he did, but he added that he hoped someone was warming up to face the next batter, Andruw Jones, who hit a 452 foot homer in the fourth. Randolph informed Trachsel that Roberto Hernandez would face Andruw Jones, but he told Trachsel to save him another trip to the mound by getting Chipper Jones to hit into a double play to end the inning] So Trax had enough to get Larry but not enough to get Andruw Jones. As soon as Trax told him that he should have gone to Bert. I�m not saying that Bert wouldn�t have given up the dinger to Larry but it seems to me Trax is telling you he�s kaput. There�s the problem in that the margin for error with this team is Nicole Ritchie thin. When you go 1-10 with runners in scoring position you don�t give your pitchers much of a margin for error. I wasn�t upset with Manny Acta sending Victor Diaz on Jeff Francour�s arm in the seventh but it seems Willie Randolph wasn�t very pleased: [Manager Willie Randolph was asked about the decision to send Diaz, and he didn�t exactly defend his third-base coach. �I�ve coached third base for 10 years and I don�t second guess my third-base coach.� Randolph said. �It was a tough decision. I didn�t tell him to go. You have to ask the guy that sent him�] Not exactly taking Acta�s back there. When I saw Francour coming hard after the ball and when he caught it low like he did I thought Diaz had a chance. My problem is with Diaz�s slide. He looked like he stopped short of the plate. You have to barrel into the catcher at that point to make him drop the ball. Victor Diaz spit the bit in my opinion. I understand that Floyd was on deck but the way the Mets have struggled to score runs so I think you have to take a gamble. Dear Carlos Beltran, It�s September! Time to get moving!!!! Sincerely Mets Fans HEAVY METAL Mike Cameron came by the Mets clubhouse yesterday to see his mates. He is still not able to eat solid food and he gets light headed when he tries to run. He�s very sensitive to sunlight and can�t leave the house without his sunglasses. He describes his injury as his cheekbone exploded like a cracked windshield and the titanium plates in his face set off the airport security systems. That collision was worse than I ever thought it was, it�s amazing that Beltran did not get hurt more than he did. That doesn�t take the heat off Beltran�s non-clutch performance but I still have admiration for him coming back to play.,0,1767259.story?coll=ny-mets-print �ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE� Last season record- 60-77 This seasons record 70-67 OK Willie I �ve seen enough of Douggie Eyechart can we please get Mike Jacobs back at first base please. �WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO DOUG SISK�? He�s come back to the Mets disguised as Danny Graves. �MY EMPLOYER WON THE WORLD SERIES AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS STINIKIN� WRIST WATCH� �STICK A BROOM IN MY ASS AND I�LL SWEEP THE FLOOR� (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |