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Friday, September 30, 2005

�FREDDY SKILL SETS, UNPLUGGED� The Mets held a little launch party for their new television network now known as SportsNet New York, and out of the baseball witness protection program came Freddy Skill Sets. Last we saw Freddy was when the New York media were stuffing their faces with free food when Carlos Beltran was introduced. With Freddy making himself scarce around these parts lately there were lots of questions for ol� Sir Skill Sets. On Mike Piazza: [�I think he loved being here and was certainly the star of the team. No matter who we had here, I think Mike was always the centerpoint. But things change which I think is good. I hope Mike goes on and plays out as long as he wants to play out�] [�The likelihood is that Mike might be better served in the American League� Fred Wilpon said. �I guess he has to make that decision as well�] So Fab Fly Freddy says thanks but no thanks on bringing Mikey back in �06. I�m with you Freddy, as much as most fans are getting emotional about Mikey bidding bon voyage, it�s time to turn the corner. Mike is 37 and can�t catch anymore. His bat is still productive but with no place to play him and (thankfully) no DH in the NL the Mets really have no use for him. At least we have him going into the Hall of Fame as a Met to look forward to. On his being out of the limelight: [�One of our players just said to me, �Where have you been, Freddy?� Wilpon said. I�ve been to every game. I just don�t go down to the clubhouse and I�m not on the field. Frankly I like it that way better. We have very good baseball people and it�s there job�] It took Freddy a couple of years but he finally figured out his greatest attribute in baseball is signing checks. He�s not a scout, a coach, an instructor or a manager. He�s a guy with money who owns the New York National League entry in MLB. Sometimes it takes awhile for that to sink in. On the Mets finish of the season: [�I think the guys have responded very well. We had times where we were in similar positions in years past and you didn�t see the same vibrancy on the field I think you do now�] In other words, �how did I let that pant load Steve Phillips talk me into hiring Art Howe� On Carlos Beltran: [�I certainly have been satisfied with his effort-110%. He�s not satisfied with his performance and he knows he can do better. He knows he will do better. He�s a real pro, I mean he was banged up pretty badly and there was no way he wasn�t going to play. I didn�t think he was going to play last night because he�s got a little tweak in his arm or bicep�..He�s a gamer. It takes time to adjust to New York.�] Freddy�s not happy with Beltran�s performance this season. This was not what he ok�d $119 mil for but he will give Beltran mulligan due to adjusting to life in NY (which I agree) and for nagging injuries and one being involved in one of the worst collision in baseball history, but you know if Beltran doesn�t rebound next season Omar will have some explaining to do. Speaking of Omar: [�I think what Omar has done and what Willie has done is they�ve made it attractive to players to want to play here in New York� he (Wilpon) said. �And that was not necessarily always the case. Players are coming up to Omar and they want to be here. And that�s exciting�] Amazing what happens when you spend money! There is truth to what FFF says, when players look at the Mets (especially Latins and other players of color) they see a place where they would fit in nicely and you have to give Omar and Willie credit for that. And then we have Lil� Jeffy� take on the direction of the franchise: [�I think we have turned the battleship around in the bath tub,� said Jeff Wilpon the team�s CEO. What I am hoping for is now we are in position to go forward�] I have a disturbing image in my head of Jeffy in the tub look in the bath water yelling �up periscope!!!!� (TO POST A COMMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE TIME THE POSTING) < |