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Thursday, September 08, 2005

FOR TONIGHT�S PERFORMANCE, THE ROLE OF MEL ROJAS WILL BE PLAYED BRADEN LOOPER� Willie, Willie Willie, what were yoooooouuuu thinking? Look I can grudgingly accept brining in Loopey to pitch the 9th inning although you would have shown some much needed outside the box thinking by leaving Roberto Hernandez in to finish a game that the team just had to have. Bert threw just 6 pitches in 2/3 of an inning and he is you best reliever but I guess you�ve become a managerial lemming and just have to bring in your so-called closer to finish a game. OK no crime there as it seems all your brethren are under the spell of LaRussa and it may take some time for a manager to have the extreme self confidence to change the way the bullpens are used these days but I digress. You bring in Loopey and he proceeds to give up a run scoring double to Ryan Langerhans and I sat looking at my TV saying �Shit! But at least is just tied� Now in the top of the 10th Chris Woodward, who must have committed a serious crime as he can�t get a sniff of the playing field, lines a pinch hit single to give the Mets a 3-2 lead. Ah Willie what a nice little team we have. Never say die. OK it�s 3 outs and as the telecast goes to commercial I say to myself �Well at least Loopey�s out of the game and now Heilman will come on to get the save� As the game comes back on, I�m confused. Where�s Heilman? Why�s Loopey still out there? Is this a replay? Is this live? Has Willie lost his fucking mind? There is no rational reason whatsoever for Willie to bring in Loopey for a second inning after he blew the save in the 9th inning. Now what happens next would have made Jeff Torborg and Art Howe proud. Mets Murderer Larry Jones leads off and hits a single. Tying run on first and Willie is still sitting in the dugout. Up steps Andruw Jones and I say �Just make it painless�. Loopey hits A. Jones in the back with a pitch and it�s obvious to Stevie Wonder that Loopey is about ready to shit his pants. Now not only is Willie still sitting on the bench but the cameras cut to the Mets bullpen and guess who�s warming up? Shingo Takatsu. So in other words this was Willie giving a big �Fuck You� to Mets fans. Up steps the 67 year old Julio Franco and still not even a twitch from Randolph. Loopey on the other hand has a full Depends and walks the elderly Franco. Now I guess seeing the load in Loopey�s pants, Willie trots out to the mound to bring in Takatsu. At this point if I were not a Mets fan I�d would probaly been wetting my pants from laughing. I mean Willie is brining in a guy who was cut by a team with the best record in baseball and he gave up a �kick in the nuts� double just few days ago in a similar situation against the Fish. Now the first batter is Jeff Francour, with no out bases loaded. OK this won�t take long as this kid just hacks. WOW Takatsu gets him. Up steps Brian McCann. Down goes Brian McCann. 2 outs base loaded for Ryan Langerhans. Now think back to the Fish game when Miguel Caberea got his game winning hit. Takatsu throws slop. His fastball is non existent in fact there should be a clause in his contract that states if he ever throws a fastball his contract is null and void. In that Caberea at bat Takatsu fell behind in the count and threw that poor excuse for cheese and Cabrea belted a game winning double. Live and learn right? Now Takatsu fall behind 3-1 on Langerhans. Hey I don�t care Shingo, no fastball! Slop nothing but slop. Takatsu throws what I think was a slider for strike 2. OK learning from your mistakes is a good thing. Now just come back with that and if worse comes to worse you miss and the games tied again. So what does Takatsu throw on 3-2? THAT BULLSHIT FASTBALL.!!!!!!!!!! Langerhans proceeds to deposit the ball into the left center field two runs score and the season has come to an end. 10 � games back of the Braves and 5 games back of the �Stros in the Wild Card chase. It�s over! Hernandez throws six pitches and comes out. Loopey gets two innings of work after blowing a save. Takatsu becomes a valued member of the bullpen. Aaron Heilman is held in solitary confinement. Excuse me as I jump off the �Willie�s doing a good job� bandwagon. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |