The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, September 25, 2005

CHRIS RUSSO IS AN ASSHOLE But you knew that already. Yesterday I put WFAN on and Russo is spewing about the Mets shutting down Petey for the season and how it's not right that he won't pitch against the Phillies on Tuesday in a game that could have WildCard implications. First I find it hilarious that Russo who worships the shruken testicles of Barry Bonds would try and tell anyone what's best for baseball and secondly he hates the Mets ( as does his Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon partner) so it's hard to even take his opinion about the Mets as objective but what should the Mets do pitch a guy who has given them everything he has this season and more and risk him to injure himself more than he is or shut him down and have him ready for a 2006 season where they have to make a pennant run? Omar Minaya has to do what's right for the New York Mets and no one else. If Petey is worn done and suffering from the rigors of tossing 217 innings then shut him down and get him ready for February in St. Lonesome. He's earned it!

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