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Thursday, September 15, 2005

�AUTUMNAL FALL� So once again the September of meaningful games will have to wait yet another season as the Mets have again climb up the diving board above Shea Stadium and taken a dive. Last night was highlighted by another bonehead play, this time by the well compensated Carlos Beltran. Beltran broke on of the Baseball Commandments by making the third out of an inning at third base. As for reasons only Carlito knows, he tried to steal the bag with David Wright at bat. As bad as that was the reaction by Willie Randolph was worse. In fact it was a very Art Howeian explanation: [�I�m not going to nit-pick every time a guy gets thrown out.� Manager Willie Randolph said. �Matter of fact he was safe. That�s a part of our game. You live by the sword, sometimes you die by the sword. He thought he could make it and he did and the umpire called him out�] HUH!!!? �That�s part of our game� what? Stupid base running? Even Jose Aufulman was appaled. Is Beltran that fragile that Willie has to walk on eggshells with him? Wasn�t it just a week ago that Randolph said that Ramon Castro wasn�t just slow but he was an awful base runner? Willie had no problem taking a shot at Castro but Beltran� dumb ass base running gets a �shit happens� from Willie. What makes this bad stretch of baseball even worse besides the fact the team was right there as far as the Wild Card spot was concerned, is that all the other teams in the fight have had runs of bad baseball but turned it around to get back in. The Marlins were contemplating dumping Trader Jack. The Phillies were accepting resumes for manager and GM. The Nationals are forbiden to add players and the Astros couldn�t score runs if you spotted them 2nd and 3rd to start an inning. But all four teams have dug down and gotten back in the race. Meanwhile as Mets fans we finally got to see the team go on a roll. Problem is it�s a negative one dropping 14 of their last 17 games. And the Jon Heyman�s of the world want to know why people were not packing Shea? �GO AWAY KID, YA BOTHER ME� There will be no Sonic Youth infield this season for the Mets as they have decided it�s better to play the woefully overmatched Kaz Matsui and stationary Miguel Cairo than the young and nimble Anderson Hernandez. Now I�m hoping that this omission is being used as a showcase for Matusi as all indication are he will not be back this year but it�s very disappointing that Hernandez will not be added to the roster as that would be the only reason to continue watching this team. Thank God for MLB Extra Innings. GO TRIBE!!!! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |