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Friday, August 12, 2005

�YOU KNOW THE DAY DESTROY�S THE NIGHT�.NIGHT DIVIDES THE DAY�.� What a difference a couple of days make. Tuesday and Wednesday, David Wright was making the leap from solid to super-stahhhh and Kris Benson turned in a top flight pitching performance after a couple of clunkers setting the stage for the Mets to go after the rubber games of their three game series against the Padres. With Titan Tom Glavine on the mound you would hope he would stand up and deliver. And that he did but the game took a turn in the seventh inning that made the outcome of the game meaningless: [When (Marlon) Anderson reached the outfield, he noticed that neither player was moving and started to panic. As Anderson kneeled next to Cameron, he saw blood coming out of his mouth, the most blood he has ever seen on a baseball field. He thought that Cameron�s nose was askew. Anderson put his hands on Cameron�s chest and he asked him, �Cam, can you hear me?� According to Anderson, Cameron mumbled, �Yeah�] Now I�m not a Mike Cameron fan but I have to say I had a sick feeling watching him lying on the outfield grass after his head on head collision with Carlos Beltran. My first thought was that Cameron broke his neck. When I saw him turn over on his side it was a relief. Then when he was strapped to the stretcher he was moving his arms so then I figured it might not be bad as it looks. It ends of Cameron has a broken nose and fracture to his cheek and a concussion. Of all the injuries the concussion could be the one that takes the longest to get over. As it looks now Cameron�s season is over. Beltran, who had a cut on the side of head and had a hard time lifting his left arm, may also have suffered a slight concussion as well. Beltran wants to play but the Mets will probably keep him out the Dodger series. As I always say there�s bad luck and then there is Mets luck. �IF YOU TALK THE TALK, THEN YOU HAVE TO WALK THE WALK� Unfortunately Cliff Floyd has a tough time walking the walk. Floyd was hit in the knee by Akinori Otsuka with Jose Reyes on second and firs base open. Floyd felt it was intentional and of course Floyd did nothing about when it happened but after the game he said he felt he was hit on purpose to set up a potential double play. Floyd said it was too bad the Mets and Pads don�t meet again. Why Cliff? You had your chance to do something and you didn�t, just like you didn�t do anything to Roy Oswalt who we know hit you on purpose. ">It took Pads manager Bruce Bochy to step up and set Floyd straight: [�You have my word, we weren�t throwing at him. (Floyd) Tell Cliff that and tell Willie too. I tried to call Willie after the game, but someone picked up his phone and immediately hung up. We�re not trying to put Cliff on base there. He�s the winning run. (Otsuka) walked Reyes on four pitches, a guy who doesn�t walk. I felt horrible because of the accident and then come back and hit (Floyd) in the knee. The last thing we want is them to be banged up going to LA] �READ MY LIPS� The way Willie Randolph was talking about Kaz Matsui�s activation from the DL; it seemed to me he had Kazuo ranked just above the batboy in importance to the team. Randolph mad it clear that Miguel Cairo was the everyday second baseman and Matsui would be a pinch hitter/runner for the time being. So then why was Matsui in yesterday�s starting lineup? Kazuo picked up right where he left off by not just taking the collar in four at bats but striking out in three of those ab�s. And we can�t forget his matador defense that for a guy that seems to be fast he has the range of a lamppost. Maybe this was Willie�s way of telling the front office �I told you so� (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |