The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, August 14, 2005

"WHATEVER HAPPENED TO..................." Alay Soler. Well Christian Red and Bill Madden went to the Dominican Republic where Soler is living and working out at the Mets Academy there. It seems his agent/rescuer Joe Cubas can now add extortionist to his many titles as he has held on to Soler's passport which has been deem a phony by D.R. officials. It seems the Mets have hired imigration lawyers to helo sort this out and get Soler in the U.S. and in the Mets sudden deep rotation: [But Soler has been impressing scouts from the moment he arrived in the D.R. Several teams, including the Reds, Cubs and Diamondbacks, rushed to try and sign the righty before the Mets locked him up. "When I saw him last summer, he had a 90-to-95 fastball with a plus breaking ball," says Junior Noboa, a former major leaguer who scouts for Arizona in the D.R. "He's an aggressive guy with good location. But (Cubas) was asking a lot of money." Adds Jhonathan Leyva, a Dominican scout for the Reds: "He was one that impressed. Great arm, control and he knew what he was doing. He challenged hitters. I'm sure the Mets will find a way to get him into the States."] < |