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Thursday, August 04, 2005

WE�RE HAVING A HEAT WAVE, A TROPICAL HEAT WAVE� WHEW! It�s just too damn hot here in NYC; in fact it was even too hot to blog yesterday so I took the day off. You can do that when you�re the boss. Maybe it�s the heat, as it seems the natives are getting mighty restless with Carlos Beltran. Beltran had heard a few boo birds on the last home stand but now it seems some folks having watched the reception Beltran recived from the Astro fans, have come to the realization that Beltran is not earning his keep around here. Beltran had a chance to be the hero last night as the Roberto Hernandez/Braden Looper exacta gave the game last night to the Brewski�s on silver platter. Beltran came up in the bottom of the 9th with runners on second and third and two outs. This had �Mets Turning Point of the Game� written all over it for Carlito. A base hit here would have had the over 40,00 fans at Shea cheering silly for Beltran. But, Beltran swung at the first offering form Derrick Turnbow and hit a grounder to second to end the game. Beltran was showered with boos as he left the field. Now I know the guy makes $17 mil a year and if he had just wratched up his production just a bit the Mets would be a lot closer to first place than getting ready for a closing on a home in last but I�m not ready to kill Beltran. I feel you have to give the guy this year to get comfortable here in NYC. Think about it. The guy is from a small town in Puerto Rico. In Kansas City they have one newspaper and maybe one sports station, so you�re no really put on the spot. Same with playing in Houston where baseball is not a big deal as high school football, college football and pro football rule the roost. Now you come to NYC where baseball is discussed 24/7/365. After every game you have to answer to about 10 newspapers, 2 all sports radio stations, and numerous TV stations. Then add in that Beltran has claimed he�s had to get used to giving himself about two hour head start to get to the ball park on time as when he was in KC he had a10 minute drive to get to work, it makes for a bit of an adjustment. Now I know what your saying that it�s no excuse and he has 119 million reason to perform on cue and I would not argue with you but I will give him the benefit of the doubt that his acclimation to life as a New Yorker has been tougher than he may have thought. I guess we can blame last nights loss on Kaz Ishii as his new heights in suckdom took the bullpen brigade to bail the Mets out on Tuesday night. Last night both Roberto Hernadez and Braden Looper showed signs of over use, especially Hernandez who served up a friggin� Honeydew fastball to Carlos Lee. Looper�s appearance was just bizarre. There is something about Looper that he just does not look confident to me. Here always has that �Aw shit, now what look� when things get a bit dicey. He doesn�t have the look of a closer. Look at Bob Wickman of the Indians. Let�s face it when the do the hunks of baseball calendar Wickman won�t be called on to doff his shirt to strike a pose. But when he comes in a game he has a take no prisoner air about him. Even Derrick Turnbow has that way about himself as well. Loopey had 2 outs no one on and just needed one more measly out to keep the game tied at 4-4 but he couldn�t do it. He doesn�t just blow leads, he demolishes them. I guess we better wait before we throw dirt on Mikey P�s Mets career. Not only has Piazza taken to splitting time behind the plate with Ramon Castro, he also has taken to batting down in the batting order. In fact it seems as Piazza is thriving in his supporting role than the pressure packed assignment of �being the man�. I�m still not ready to give him reenlistment papers though. Hey guess what Meinky�s not stinky anymore. Douggie Eyechart has gotten his batting average up to a robust .247 after his 3 for 4 game last night. This looks like the Eyechart the Mets had hoped for as he is hitting like his old Twinkie days. Who knows how long it will last but finding a first baseman is still on Omar�s winter shopping list. If Petey were left handed he be called �crafty�. He pitched a pitchers game last night as he hit 90 mph on the gun maybe twice but he was fabulous in changing speeds and his curveball was close to Lord Charles ability. What a pleasure it is to watch him perform. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |