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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"VIVA CASTRO !!!!!!!" Back in the winter when Omar Minaya was scmoozing Petey and Carlos Beltran and when he got them to sign on the dotted line, we as Mets fans sat around counting the days till pitchers and catchers. I know I dreamed of games like last night. Last night had a surreal tone to it. Former manager Davey Johnson was at Shea and the Mex was doing the TV commentary (along with the nightmare known as Francis the Talking Horses Ass) and the wounded Mike Cameron brought out the lineup cards. Although the house was quite empty(more on that later, it was my sons birthday so I had to take a pass at going but I'm there tonight to see Petey and I may cut out of work at lunch time and head over for tomorrows matinee) it was loud. It definitely was a throwback night. Even though flavor of the month, Jae Seo had no oomph on his pitches as he labored for 5 innings, you just knew the Mets were not out of this one even if all signs pointed that way. To me the play of the game (Castro's game winning dinnger aside) was Beltran throwing out Kenny Lofton at the plate in the 5th inning. Seo got out of the inning without allowing another run as his spot lead off the Mets half of the 5th. That brought Heilman the game and he and Padillia and Loopey shut down the Phillies form there. If Beltran does not make that laser throw to Castro and Lofton scores the game takes on a whole new dynamic from there. 1/2 game out the Wild Card and 5 back of the Bravos for the division lead. Who knows how this will end but I will say we finally have some excitement in September and a team that doesn't give up. Maybe last night will be the game we play over and over in our heads during the cold winter ahead that was the turning point in the season. Like Murph always said "fasten your seat belts" As I said the house was quite empty last night and Jon Heyman takes Mets fans to task over it. One of the big problems is that the U.S. Open is right across the street and of course the usual everyday traffic on the Grand Central and the world's largest parking lot a/k/a the L.I.E. Now the best way to go to Shea is by subway but I know that's a lot to ask of you surburanites to do so I'll let you in on a little secret. If you park your car about 3 or4 subway stops away from Shea you can find street parking. Usually near the 111 St station or even down to Jackson Heights which is 5 quick stops away it's usually better than fighting that Shea parking lot traffic after a game.,0,3121737.column?coll=ny-sports-print Here's a little something for all the Willie bashers out there form Philies closer Billy Wagner: [Philadelphia closer Billy Wagner, who will become a free agent after this season unless the Phillies lock him up, said the Mets are a team he would consider signing with, based on the improvement it has made under Randolph and GM Omar Minaya in the NL East. "Looking at how Mr. Randolph and how their organization has brought in a lot of talent and they're very competitive, it's a very competitive division, they're only going to get better," Wagner said before last night's game.] "CARLITO'S WAY" Yesterday Omar was on WFAN and when asked about Beltran's season Minaya said of course they thought he'd have had better numbers but Omar said the Mets have spoken to Beltran trying to get him to relax and not feel as if the weight of the team was on his shoulders. Minaya also said he spoke to Beltan about using the whole field when batting as that's where his sucess has always been and don't worry about the home runs s they will come. Watching Beltrans at bats last night he seems to be listening to Minaya. "HAVE WE SEEN THE LAST OF MIKEY P?" Piazza's left wrist is still in bad shape: [The 36-year-old's hand and wrist are still swollen and sore, and Minaya confirmed that ligaments and/or tendons around the bone have been affected by the breakage. ] If it were a clean break it would not as bad but when you start looking at tendons and ligaments that's not good news. Piazza will not do any baseball work for about 10 days so they say I have a bad feeling he may be done. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |