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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

�TITAN TOM STEPS UP� I have killed him every chance I�ve had during his three seasons as a Met but I have to give credit to Tom Glavine for last nights performance. Not just for giving the Mets a great start to the important road trip but for going eight strong innings thus giving the overworked bullpen a needed day off. Glavine kept his pitches down in the zone and got a lot of ground ball outs. It didn�t hurt that Titian Tommy has had great success pitching at the BOB. More on last night�s game. Tell me you weren�t shocked, SHOCKED that Mike Jacobs was at first base last night? Now the big question is will Willie Randolph allow Jacobs the chance to get five or seven starts in a row to show what he�s capable of? Why not. It makes no sense to play Marlon Anderson or Jose Offerman over Jacobs. In fact how bad could Jacobs do at first and at the bat than what the Mets have gotten out the first base position this season? This move was over due now hopefully Omar Minaya shows he�s on the ball and DFA either Ice Man or Offerman to open up the roster spot for Steve Trachsel rather than send Jackbs back to Norfolk. What�s Omar afraid of that someone would claim Ice or Offerman? Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! Speaking of Trax, it�s not as cut and dry to put him on waivers and deal him. If the Indians were the team to claim him then it would be perfect as the Tribe is rich in relievers (Scott Sauerbeck for Trax would be perfect) but most likely one of the teams ahead of the Mets would put in the claim forcing Minaya to pull Trax back. So now we have to watch The Zambrano Project pitch for his roster spot tonight. From Adam Rubin in today's Daily News: [ABOUT FACE: Heath Bell rejoined the Mets, but fellow Norfolk reliever TimHamulack - also summoned to Phoenix - only got frequent flier miles.Hamulack, who had a Mets jersey waiting, was sent back to the Tides after making the trip. The bullpen, which threw 8-1/3 innings Sunday and doesn'thave a lefthander, could have used the extra arm, but a number of factors caused a change of plans. Likely demotee Mike Jacobs' pinch-hit homer Sunday led to him starting last night. More importantly, the Mets didn't need the complication of adding Hamulack to the 40-man roster, only to send him downthe following day when Trachsel was activated. Dae-Sung Koo was demoted to make room for Bell.] Pretty sloppy on Omar's part I would say. It's always good to have your ducks in a row when making a roster move. For some strange reason the Mets have tough time cuting Ice, Offerman or even Graves. Please! If you DFA these three they'd be right back in th eorganization just like a bad penny. Also Alberto Castilo has decided he'd rather be a Moneyballer that return to the Mets. Hey we've been dump by better. (To Post A Comment Please Click On The Time Of This Posting) < |