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Saturday, August 13, 2005

"THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN SWEET" After the horors of Thursday in San Diego, when the Dodger came to bat in the bottom of the e7th last night I thought this could be one the best wins not just of this season but since maybe the last three seasons . Lot's of folks in the aftermath of "the collision" figured the Mets would just fell sorry for themselves and pack it in. But here is where Willie Randolph has proven to be top notch as when it come to keeping his team on its toes and in evey game. It is becoming a bit startling that Randolph and Jets coach Herm Edwards have quite similar ways about how they conduct business albeit Randolph does in in a more quiet way than Edwards. Edwards, like Randolph is not a great tactician as we have seen with his clock management skills but he, like Randoplph, has the full respect of his players. That's why Randolph will not let this team feel sorry for itself in the wake of the loss of Beltran and Cameron. With that being said, last night was just a crushing loss. Loopey is taking the brunt of the bashing today and he does deserve some of that. It just seems that whenever the Mets play a game that they either should win or need to win, Loopey comes up short. First it was opening day then it was against the Highlanders in June and then against the Pirates on July 8th after the Mets were riding high after taking 3 of 4 from the Nats it just seems that Loppey spits the bit when you really need him. But again not all of last night was Loopey's fault. the key to me was The Zambrano Project giving up two walks to start the bottom of the 7th. It said so much that it's become a cliche but the truth is walks will kill you especially leadoff walks. So in comes Aaron Heilman who it seems is now the "bridge" to Hernandez and Loopey. Heilman goes and gives up a single to Choi which was bad, to load the bases but then he hits Izturis to force home a run and that's worse. Then to top of his evening, Heilman allows Robles to hit a 2 run single and we're ties at 6. I've killed Willie on his bullpen moves most of the season but you know what, last night was a night for the players to step up. Heilman has to step up and get out of the jam Zambrano left for him and Loopey has to as well. That loss last night was a dagger in the heart but the way Willie has run this team and how he motivates them it's not a death knell. (to post a comment click on th etime of this posting) < |