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Monday, August 08, 2005

�THEY SHOOT SCHEDULE MAKERS DON�T THEY�? So here we go again. The Mets sweep three games at Shea from the Cubs (payback from the three game Cubs sweep of the Mets last year when I visited the Friendly Confines) leaving them at 57-54 6 � games out of first place and 3 games out of a Wild Card spot. Sure we�d all like to get pumped up for a real live run for a spot in the post season but lo and behold, the dreaded road trip is upon us. At home the Mets are championship caliber playing at a .610 winning percentage. On the road, they are punching bags playing .404 baseball. So as has been the case all season, THIS ROAD TRIP IS HUGE. The break they get is playing the Padres and the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles (Kudos to Howie Rose for that one) two teams that reside in a toilet of a division, the NL West. So if Willie�s Wonders don�t come back with at least 5 wins, the trip is a failure. It�s statement time folks. Sure it�s great that after the disaster of a series they had against the Brew Crew the Mets showed resiliency but they comes a time to show that your in this to the end and this road trip will be the test. Who the hell OK�s these schedules? The Mets go to San Diego and L.A. then come back home for six games and THEN fly back again to the Left Coast to play Arizona and San Francisco. Then the Mets come home for THREE games and then hit the road again this time to Florida, Atlanta and THEN to the Midwest to play the Cards. WOW talk about your frequent flyer miles. The person or persons who put this schedule together is inept enough to working the White House. �SO MUCH FOR THE SOPHISTICATED NEW YORK FAN� When Omar Minaya went after Carlos Beltran Mets fans were skipping with glee thru the snow and slush of the streets of New York. The Beltran/Petey signings were signs that the Mets were back in business as a first class baseball organization. At that time we all agreed, yes, the Mets overpaid and we all agreed that in order to bring in top notch talent to Flushing the Mets would have to over pay as under the (Lame) Duke-Artie form Queens regime the Mets were a team that was down the list with Montreal and Tampa Bay as destination for free agents. So this booing of Beltran has gone beyond head scratching to being embarrassed. Beltran has not put up the digits that were expected of him that�s true but when a guy scores three runs in a game and gets a hit and reaches on a walk, and runs the bases with vigor then hits into a double play with your team leading by 5 runs on the verge of a three game sweep and you boo, that�s just ignorant. Sure he�s been a disappointment and if you feel the need to boo then do it when he goes 0 for 4 or does not make a play in centerfield but don�t do it after he�s contributed to a win. These are also the same folks weeping over Jose Reyes� OBA. Reyes is on the mark to get 200 hits and score 100 runs and this is his first full season. Reyes� has a laser beam of an arm and the ground he covers on one of the worst infield surfaces in baseball makes Derek Jeter envious and has the dirtiest uniform in the game. But he doesn�t walk enough. That�s like saying Jessica Simpson can�t cook. Who Cares!!!!!! Douggie Eyechart just has no luck. After getting his average up close to 50 points and make a major contribution to the club, he goes out after making a great hustle play. Meinky has a deep bruise in his back (MRI shows no damage to his kidney�s thank god) and it looks like he destined to another trip to the DL with Kaz Matsui taking his place. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |