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Monday, August 29, 2005

�STEVE TRACHSEL, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN� When I first heard that Steve Trachsel was dropped form the rotation I, like most Mets fans let out a big �WTF�?. Then I thought it over. What are we talking about here; the difference between The Zambrano Project and Trax is not something to get our draws in a bunch over. We�re talking fifth starters here. Petey is the ace; followed by either Seo or Glavine then Benson so either way The Zambrano Project or Trax is the fifth starter. Yes Trax pitched a gem on Friday night and he is to be commended for working hard and getting back to pitch this season but the reality is he�s soon to be 35 years old and doesn�t fit into the future of this team. Is keeping Zambrano in the rotation in part to save face form the Kazmir fiasco. Of course. Now one was or still is against trading Scott Kazmir as much as me but the time has come to see if Zambrano is the goods or if he�s not. Now Omar Minaya has said this decision was Randolph�s and Professor Rick�s and Randolph has given his reasoning for this: [�He�s (Zambrano) been with us all year� Randolph said. He�s pitching relatively well, for the most part. I challenged him to step up and do a job for me and he did so he gets the ball�] Now that may not mean a lot to you or me but I bet there is a lot guys in that locker room who are saying to themselves or to their buddy next to them �There�s a manager that has your back�. Sure Trax has seniority under his belt as the second in tenure to Mikey P but Willie knows Trax at 35 and at with the Mets holding his option is most likely not coming back to the Mets in 2006. Add in the fact that from Willie�s quote he told The Zambrano Project �you come through for me and I�ll come through for you� this sends a message to the organization that if you step up the manager is in your corner. Now the thing to do is for Omar to trade Trax. Trachsel has cleared waivers so the Mets are free to deal him without interference. My first call if I were the Mets GM would be to Boston and propose Trax for Kevin (The Greek God of Walks) Youkilis. Youkilis has been up and down from Pawtucket to Boston most of the season and has been moved form third base to first base by the Old Town Team brain trust. The Sawx are in desperate need for a starter and the Mets could definitely plug Youkilis into the first base slot and move Mike Jacobs into the catcher�s spot behind Castro. Look at this line for Youkilis from Saturday: BOS K.Youkilis, 1B 3 2 2 2 3 1 .329 - HR (8) Three walks!!!! In one game no less. Come on Omar pick up the phone. If Minaya doesn�t move Trachsel and at the end of the year does not pick up his option that will be far worse than dropping him form the rotation. MEMO TO WILLIE RANDOLPH: Please Willie I�m begging you, just let Mike Jacobs play everyday at first base. Miguel Cairo is a good BENCH player but enough is enough already. I know deciding between Kazuo Matusi and Miguel Cairo to play second base is like choosing if you want to hit in the head with a hammer or poked in the eye with a fork but I�d say you might get a bit more offense out of Matsui than Cairo. Oh and let�s make that the last day off you give Cliff Floyd. He�ll have all winter to rest. �HEAD BANGERS BALL� As most Mets fans know, Mikey P is a true Metal Head, in fact he has been a regular on Eddie Trunk�s radio show on WXAQ here in New York and on Trunk�s show heard on XM Radio�s Boneyard Channel. Well it seems Mikey is not a fan of the programming on the Boneyard he tuned in one day and instead of Motorhead he heard Joan Jett. So when he was a guest on Trunk �show he spewed out his distaste of the stations programming. The tight ass program director of the channel didn�t find the criticism constructive and has taken Trunk and his show off the air. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE FENWAY PARK TO YOU? DREW STRIKES OUT WITH METS FAN SAY it ain't so! America's sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, behaved like a drunken sailor at a recent Mets game � drinking, smoking and cussing up a storm in front of an appalled family, claims one former fan of the actress. Michael Delvecchio, who was in an adjacent luxury box with friends and family, fumes: "Her image is of this sweet, down-to-earth girl, but she was the exact opposite. When someone in our group recognized her and smiled, she just rolled her eyes. She was drinking and smoking like a chimney with her boyfriend [the Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti] and their friends, so we asked the security guard to tell her to put out her cigarette because there were young children present, but she just kept on doing it. Suddenly she stormed into our suite with a lit cigarette and berated one of my friends in front of his young daughter for taking a picture of her. Thankfully, one of the stadium staff kicked her out of our box." Barrymore shoots back in a statement to PAGE SIX: "The family making this claim were constantly taking pictures of me. And I politely asked them to stop, so that the people I was with would not be bothered. And now they are making claims about my behavior, which is outrageous. This family obviously has a chip on their shoulder and another thought should not be wasted on this (to post a comment please click on the time of the posting) < |