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Saturday, August 27, 2005

"STACKS O TRAX" Can you believe this? Not just the 5 game winning streak all on the road but Steve Trachsel joins the list of Mets starting pitchers who all look like Cy Young lately. Trachsel hit his fastball at 90 mph but it was his breaking ball-curve and slider-that had the Giants looking foolish. As much as we should all be jumping for joy over this resurgence by the Mets the bullpen is still a thrill ride. I can't get comfortable when Loopey comes in with a one run lead. I'd rather ride the A train at 2 am with $100 bills hanging out of my pockets than watch Loopey come on to close. He just scares the shit out of me. Trax threw just 108 pitches and showed no sign of fatigue as it was a tough nights work for him with only David Wright making a contribution on the score board. Here's a question, say the Mets continue this amazing streak and either win the NL East or take the Wild Card, do you think David Wright could win the MVP? My definition of MVP is a guy who is on a winning team and is the guy who makes that team a winner. That's why I would consider Derek Lee the Player of the Year in the NL but he's not the most valuable because the Cubs suck. Meanwhile, Wright has become The Man on the Mets and you just wonder if it's because he just in his first full season in the bigs why people don't talk about him as MVP. Take a look around the majors, all this talk about guys like Francouer (Gee let's see SI is owned by Time Warner you also owes the Braves wow and guess who was on the SI cover this week) and Rickie Weeks and Ryan Howard I would not trade Wright for anyone in the baseball right now including Albert Pujos. Yes Carlos Beltran has not mad acontribution with the bat this road trip but he has gotten via walks and his stolen base count is up to 15 after being stuck on one for two months. I just think he's going to have a big September. I have nothing to base this on just my ample gut. It seems Dae Sung Koo was sent to Norfolk for more than just his sucky pitching. the daily News reported that Koo told Willie and Rick Peterson that he was good to go: [KOO KOO: Reliever Dae-Sung Koo's on-field performance might have merited a demotion anyway, but the southpaw angered teammates and earned a ticket toNorfolk on Sunday by telling coaches he was available to pitch before the game, then declining to warm up once the call came to the bullpen, according to team insiders. As a result, Aaron Heilman had to pitch an extra inning and Roberto Hernandez was forced to warm up. ] Good for Omar for kicking Koo's ass to Norfolk but what he should have done was given him his release and a kick in the ass. Titan Tommy Glavine goes today and needs just 6 1/3 innings for his 2006 option to kick in, meaning Glavine will make $10 mil next season. This winning streak and playoff push has me so intoxicated that I'm not even upset by this. Watching Doc Gooden stand before a judge in a Tampa courtroom yesterday was very sad. But t even worse ws looking at his mother you looks like she has a haggard look as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. I always remember my father telling me as a teen ager that before you go and do something stupid that could get you arrested, think of your mother's face and she'd react if you were in jail. That was all I needed to stay on the straight and narrow. Then you have a shithead like Gooden's shyster lawyer who makes this most ridiculous statement: [His lawyer, Peter Hobson, blamed Major League Baseball for the drug and alcohol problems that cut short Gooden's once-promising big-league career."Gordie Howe probably said it best," Hobson said, referring to the hockeygreat. "They spend an awful lot of money training people how to play thegame and very little money on how to quit the game and live their life ] It 's morons like Hobson that Godden has relapsing time and time again. It's always someone elses fault. If Gooden's family realy want to help him they should fire this blood sucker Hobson and let Doc use a Legal Aid lawyer. Everyone would be better off. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |