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Friday, August 26, 2005

�SHOUT, SHOUT, LET IT ALL OUT� That�s what I�d like to do after watching the Mets take apart the D�Backs the last four games. Add in that the team has won 8 of the last 10 games and has leaped over the Nats to a three team tie for second place (just 1 � games behind the Fightin� Phils for first) in the Wild Card race. But I�m still not ready to get my hopes up yet although I will say the last four games have been worth my while watching even though they have cut sleeping time down to five hours a night. Can they do it? That�s all I keep thinking about. Can the Mets make it to the post season? Think that over for a second or two, last season at this time the Mets record was the reverse of today�s 67-60 and the NFL season couldn�t get here faster. I even went down to my basement last night where my winter clothes are in a closet to check on my Mets jacket and started to envision myself wearing it at Shea in the middle of October. I had to stop myself with such impure thoughts, as I didn�t want to jinx this great run. Before the 2004 season I belittled the Skill Sets and The (Lame) Duke about the declaration of playing �meaningful games come September� well it looks as if their wishes were a year off. For two years myself and most of the other Mets bloggers have screamed for the organization to bring up the kids and let them play as it seems losing with �could be�s� is more tolerable than losing with �has beens�. Of course the main stream media dismissed the notion with the old refrain �you can�t rebuild in NY� you have to have stars. That�s why you don�t read one word of criticism of the Bloated Highlanders and their $200 mil team of Edsels. But it�s starting to change as I�m sure the Bronx Robber Barron was choking on his Cream of Wheat this morning as the Mets dominated the back page (and the front of the Murdoch Rag) of the papers. What�s remarkable about this is the Mets are playing on the West Coast and the games have been going past midnight, if these games had been at Shea the coverage would have been over the top. When the TV camera pans the Mets dugout after a run scores or a big hit or just in general, you can�t miss the youthful enthusiasm that permeates that bench. I mean it comes right through the television. David Wright has taken on a Jeter-like quality, as he and Reyes as well, are the first players to greet players after either scoring or hitting a home run. The team leads the majors in handshakes as some I�ve picked up include The Fade where they kind of fake each other out of a shake. Then there is �The Cheers� where players shake and mimic that they�re toasting each other. Then there is the Tony Soprano where the players embrace and pat each other on the back. But with it all there are smiles a mile wide on everyone except for Willie as he has to be the stoic figure who has given an extension of the leash he had them on since March. Finally after about three years I finally see a Mets team that not only can I root hard for but I really like. �JAKE THE RAKE� Mike Jacobs stories are all the rage today as the Daily News, Newsday and the Times all have stories on Jacobs. One of the things scouts look for in a player is if they have the �face� The Moneyball disciples think this is a bunch of hooey but when you look at Jacobs he can see he has the �face� that strong chin and solid bone structure that just screams out ball player. Now I�m not saying it�s 100 % fool proof as Shane Spencer had the �face� and didn�t last long but Jacobs just seems to have that and an aire of confidence that you don�t see often in young players. The guy came up here with a borrowed first baseman�s glove (Craig Brazell�s) and took out a loan on a Cliff Floyd model bat. When broke that, he borrowed one of Victor Diaz� maple clubs. Then to top that off he has Petey in his corner calling out management when they were ready to ship him out last Sunday. You watch Jacobs in the dugout and he carries himself like he�s been with the club all year. Sometimes confidence is half the battle making it in the big leagues.,0,7120547.story?coll=ny-baseball-headlines �HELLO I MUST BE GOING� According to NEWSDAY, the Mets are getting ready to end the Kaz Matsui era during this off season. It just has not worked out here for Kazuo and it really is one of the most perplexing signings in Mets history. The guy came to NY with a stellar resume as an All Star player. Plus adding in the success of other Japanese stars like Hedki Matsui and Ichiro this looked like a great signing at the time. But Kazuo has had a very difficult time adjusting to the Major Leagues and to NYC so a change of address is good for all parties. Look for Matsui to waive his no trade clause and end up in Seattle and flourish there.,0,5322378.story?coll=ny-mets-print Doc Godden has turned himself in to authorities in Tampa. I hope this is the first step in his recovery. (To Post A Comment Please Click On The Time Of This Posting) < |