The Eddie Kranepool Society

Monday, August 01, 2005

�SHHHHH�. HERE THAT?�.. ME EITHER� The trade deadline came and went like a fart in the wind so Mike Cameron can come in off the ledge and Lastings Milledge and Yusimero Petit can go back to their baseball educations with the B-Mets. With all that, the Mets now must try and find that double digit winning streak we all been waiting for. Just last week the Mets were just 3 � games out of first place. Today it�s up to 8 games back and 4 back in the Wild Card race as the summer of mediocrity continues in the National League. Omar Minaya came up with the best line I�ve seeN about the Mets season: ["Last week, we were only 3 1/2 games out. Things can change pretty quick with two good weeks. We've had one good week, but we haven't had two."] How true is that? The Mets just can not get a streak going. How would you like to see them take off like the A�s, who have won 31 of the last 37? For whatever reason it�s just not happening with this team. Team yenta, Cliff Floyd, thinks the team acts differently at home than they do at home: [But we need something, because something is definitely missing at times, usually on the road. We're not the same team we are at home. We're not tight; we're just different. We're just real loose at home." At Shea, Jose Reyes dances in the dugout, bumping into a teammate -- Doug Mientkiewicz or whomever -- before the Mets take the field for the first time. That doesn't happen on the road. "We don't have the same [recorded] music we have at Shea," Floyd said. Maybe Minaya should trade for a boombox.] Or just have one in the dugout on the road. Johnathan Mahler has a great article on the Mets Academy in the Dominican Republic and how the Mets have danced to a Latin beat this season. < |