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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"THE ROAD TO RUIN" Maybe it's a fear hotels or airports. Maybe it's just a case of homesickness but whatever it is when the Mets hit the road, it's a nightmare. Last night with Petey on the mound you figure this would be one in the very slim road win column. Not so fast. Petey pitched his worst game of the season as he had absolutely on bite on his breaking ball and his fastball was more of a quick trot leading to some very hittable balls up in the strike zone for the Padres. But as we have seen a few times this season, Petey always seems t bounce back from a tough start so hopefully he'll do that off of this one. "SAY HELLO TO WHATSHISNAME" ["There's no urgency to activate Kaz," Randolph had said. "Even though he's eligible, we don't have to do it right away."] WOW Welcome back Kaz Matsui. As we see Willie has no interest at all in playing Kaz at second base. Not that I blame him as Cairo, Anderson and Woodward are supierior to Matsui. So what happens to the the Bust of the Pacific Rim? Well he has about $8mil left on the last year of his contract so if Omar Minaya moves him in a deal the Mets will have to eat a good portion of the dough and then you have to ask yourself, who wants him? Matsui has shown the inability to play the infield as he is made his rep by playing on fake grass. He has very limited range on the stuff horses eat and he made his name by playing on the mostly artificial surfaces of Japan. Even with his shitty defense if they guy could play offensively like we were led to believe, with power and speed game that would rival any middle infielder in the game, we'd live with spotty fielding. But Matsui has even shown a morsal of being that type of player. So what to do? You know if Matsui were to be released and given a buyout, he'd return to Japan as a shamed man so the best bet for the Mets and Kazoo is to feel out a team like the Mariners who would be a very nice fit for Matsui and make a deal. ["He's just going to be a part of our team and play his way into whatever I feel is best for him," Randolph said. "That's all. Miguel's playing right now, he's doing well for us, so I can say [Matsui's] not going to be thrown back into the lineup to play every day. This time of year, it's about winning ballgames. I play who I think will help us win."] Gee Willie, you never treated Kaz Ishii like this. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting)

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