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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

�RIDING WITH THE KING� My arse is dragging a bit today due to staying up past my bedtime. I was burning the midnight oil so I could get a glimpse of the new �it� boy in baseball, Felix Hernandez. Hernandez, who at 19 years of age and in just his third major league start, has a nickname �King Felix� and after what I saw it�s well earned. Hernandez, who hails from Venezuela, packs some nasty stuff. His fastball is a consistent 97-98 mph and he throws it low in the strike zone. His change up comes in at 87 mph with the same arm motion as his fastball and as the say in the neighborhood the batters �don�t know whether to piss or shit� when it�s coming at them. To round out his repitore, Hernadez has a big hooking curve and a slider that to left handed hitters looks as if it� coming inside but then grabs the plate middle in. What�s even more amazing is the way the Mariners have handled Hernadez�s transition from the bushes to the bigs. So far in his three starts he�s faced the Tigers at Comerica Park, a pitchers paradise. Then the King met the hitting challenged Twins at Safeco and last night the faced �the holders of a 15 game losing streak (now 16 games) KC Royals. His next start should be on Friday night at the Metrodome against the Twinkies. That�s the way to set up success. �I GOT THE HORSE RIGHT HERE HIS NAME IS PAUL REVERE� Defrocked Mets groundskeeper Dominic Valila worked out a plead deal with the Queens DA�s office on gambling charges. Valila, instead of working on that awful Shea Stadium infield, was running bets for the Bonanno crime family, using the telephones at Shea as his main communication center. In exchange for his guilty plea Valila was given a conditional discharge and will avoid jail time as long as he stays clean for three years. Of course the Mets fired him and instead of being grateful that the Mets did not push for him to get jail time and not have to get himself bent over a laundry cart every day, Valila is mad that the Mets have told not to never darken the doorway of Shea Stadium ever again: [�What I did I did to myself. But they tossed wood on the fire�.The Mets black balled me from Shea Stadium. I can�t even watch games because it eats my heart out that I�m not there�] I don�t know what�s more galling, the fact that this moron can�t understand why the Mets don�t want him around anymore or the fact the he was paid $80,000 to tend to that minefield playing surface at Shea. "NEWS FROM THE METS FREE CLINIC" Updates on the injured Mets: Meinky has fluid build up in his lower back that is causing him pain. It should start to subside in a few days. He is headed to St. Lonesome for spiritual reflection Carlos Beltran has a fracture in his cheek that needs to be surgically repaired. But Beltran is trying to avoid the surgery so he can get back in the lineup as fast as possible. I hope this does not drag out with Beltran like the thigh contusion did. If he needs surgery just get it done, recuperate and get back on the field. Mike Cameron has been released form the hospital and will have to wait a few days before he can get on a plane and go home to recuperate. Cameron has told Cliff Floyd he will be back before the end of the season. Get well soon Mike. �IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW� Murray Chass has a column today on how Carlos Delgado and his agent David Sloan (a/ka Rupert Pumpkin) made a serious mistake by not signing with the Mets. Delgado had claimed he went with the Fish as they had the best chance to win. Chass points out that Delgado is exactly the bat the Mets have been looking for and in fact if Delgado did sign with the Mets and but up the same production the Mets would be a lot closer to a playoff spot. If you want to be really depressed get a load of these figures: Delgado-.293/.394/.556 22 HR 78 RBI Cumulative stats for all players who have seen time at 1st base for the Mets: .216/.290/.348 11 HR 39 RBI Sorry to have ruined your day with that one. �LETTERS, WE GET LETTERS, WE GET LOT�S AND LOT�S OF LETTERS� This letter was printed in today�s letters to the editor section of the Daily News (A/K/A VOICE OF THE PEOPLE) Astoria: So, it takes Mets players to break their faces to get the Daily News to put them on the back cover? Gee, thanks. Theresa Bolkart Amen sister. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |