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Monday, August 15, 2005

�LET�S TAKE A MOMENT AND WAVE GOOD-BYE TO THE 2005 SEASON� Just when you thought you�ve seen it all, along comes yesterday�s game. WHEW, where to begin. First off I did not see the game as I had tickets to the Staten Island Highlanders game against the Aberdeen Ironbirds in a NY-Penn League contest, so it wasn�t until I left the ballpark in St. George before I knew of Petey's near no hitter. I put on the radio in the car and I hear Adam Shein on WFAN screaming about Ice Williams and the devastation of this game and then callers questioning Williams heart and how he pulled up as he neared the wall and I start getting very anxious yelling at the radio �what happened, what happened�? It�s not till the 20/20 update that I found out that not only did Petey lose a no hitter in the 8th inning but he and the Mets lost the game 2-1. But after reading about the game and watching the highlights (more on this in a minute) I�ve come away with the following observations: It�s well known here that I have a strong distaste for Gerald Williams but after watching the 59 year old run in the outfield I can�t but the blame on him. I put the blame for that on Omar Minaya (more on him in a minute) I have lamented Williams being a member of this organization for two seasons and there is really no justification for him to be on the team as �good in the room� just doesn�t cut it for me. Which brings me to Omar. Minaya has not made a move during the season, other than the awful acquisition of Kaz Yeshhhhi. With Victor Diaz wasting away on the bench when Mike Cameron came back, Minaya should have been out there looking for a veteran backup outfielder. The team would have been better off with a fifth outfielder rather than a twelfth pitcher (Koo, Grave, Santiago to name three) rotting away in the bullpen. While I�m on the subject of our General Manager, Where the hell is he? All the quotes I�ve seen from this make or break road trip have come from The (Lame) Duke. What business could be more pressing that would keep him away from going with the team on this road trip. As we all know the road is one of the reasons this team is languishing in mediocrity most of this season. Now if you want to say The (Lame) Duke is more than qualified to represent on the road, you know you could convince me, but after the Beltran/Cameron collision wouldn�t you think Minaya would on the next plane for San Diego. I mean just for the fact that two of your players are lying in a hospital would be enough to get you on the next plane out but also one is your $119 mil investment and the other is your number one trade chip. Not to be heartless here but business is business. Even more shocking is there has not been one mention in the press about the whereabouts of Omar Minaya. I can�t be the only one asking where he�s been can I? Back to Williams� non-catch of Antonio Perez� triple. From what I saw on the replay it looked like Williams broke in on the ball then tried to get back. Now since the guy has not played for a while I�ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn�t get back in time. As I said most of the fans calling WFAN were questioning if Ice had the stones to go into the wall to make the play. That�s not a fair assessment. The guy got a bad jump and then it looked like he took his eye off the ball and could not make the adjustment. WOW I never thought I�d I be DEFENDING Gerald Williams. Two Tylenol please!! �TIME TO TAKE OUT YOUR WILIE RANDOLPH DECODER RING� After I made a case for Willie the past couple of days for Randolph�s strong suit as a leader he goes and makes a move that has no defense. Why would he pinch hit Kaz Matsui for Gerald Williams? [Willie Randolph mad a curious decision to send up Kaz Matsui to pinch hit for Gerald Williams, who already had an RBI double off (Brad) Penny and had three hits in his last five at bats. �I wanted to use (Jose) Offerman to pinch hit for the pitcher�, Randolph said �I figured Matsui is a decent fastball hitter, and I could save (Offerman) for driving in the run�] A couple of things here, first Matsui is a decent fastball hitter if the game is being played in Tokyo the guy is just coming off the DL and can�t be counted on to get a hit there and as bad as seeing Ice in the game he is 3 for his last 5. Second, it�s two outs with Diaz on first you need an extra base hit in that spot and the best bet for that of Offerman so with that situation at hand what are you saving Offerman for? It�s these moves that have Mets fans rightfully shaking their heads about the Mets manager. ��AND WHEN BELTRAN WOKE UP IN THE E.R. THE FIRST THING HE SAID WAS, �I SIGNED WITH WHO�? Beltran on seeing Mike Cameron in the hospital: [�Mike really had the worst of it,� Beltran said. �He went to see me in my room and he didn�t look good. When they released me, I wanted to tell him I would pray for him, but they were taking him for a (CT) scan. He couldn�t talk, his mouth was swollen and his face is was swollen.�] �TODAY IN SPORTS�THE WORLD HOP-SCOTCH CHAMPIONSHIPS WERE HELD TODAY��.� So I come home from the lightning delayed SI-Aberdeen game (the young Highlanders won this strange one 4-1. The Aberdeen pitcher Rademes Liz, a strong armed righty, was called for a balk THREE times in the second inning accounting for 3 of the 4 Highlanders runs) I turn to MSG to see if SportsDesk is on. It�s not. Instead there is a replay of the Liberty-Sting game that absolutely no one gives a shit about. I then switch to FSNY but that channel has on The Best Damn Sports Show For People With A Mental Disorder. I turn over to the YES channel and they have How To Tie a Windsor Knot with John Sterling. Three vast wastelands of local cable channels. I wait for 10:30 and turn to channel 5 for Sports Extra. This was back in the day, the best sports show in New York television. The hosts were Lee Leonard and Bill Mazer. Jerry Izenberg was also a contributor on the show. Now days it�s unwatchable. The host is a guy name John Di Cepalo you has limited sports knowledge. His co host is a piece of eye candy named Riesha Candidate who looks great in a tight sweater but has less sports knowledge than Di Cepalo. Then there is Carl Reuter who looks very uncomfortable in front of the camera. In fact he always looks like his shirt collar is too tight. I see the replay of the game and I get a sound bite from Petey but I wanted more from Skipper Willie but the Sports Extra crew comes up short. Oh well. I guess I have to wait until Mike�d Up with My Big Fat Obnoxious Talk Show Host at 11:30. I figured he�d have on a writer or someone with Mets knowledge to talk about the road trip from hell. The show comes on and MBFOTSH is still following the nags in Saratoga so we get Otis Livingston. Yes THE Otis Livingstone. So what does O.L lead with on this show? The Mets? The Highlanders? The PGA Championships? NO!!! He leads with the Giants pre season game from the NIGHT BEFORE!!!! EXIBITION-FUCKING-FOOTBALL!!!!!!! And you know why? Because the game was on WNBC Saturday night. If I wasn�t near exhaustion I�d have picked up the phone and called WNBC and curse out whoever answered. I live in the media capital of the world and I can�t get decent Mets highlights. Shameful! (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |