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Sunday, August 28, 2005

"LET'S KEEP AN EYE ON ANNA'S GUY" Titan Tommy did a fine job yesterday as did Randolph with his decision to pinch hit for Glavine in the top 7th. Sure Glavine was pitching great but the opportunity was there to take a lead but Jose Reyes could not take advantage of a bases loaded situation that would have but the Mets on top. Got to take advantage of those situation but with a win today the road trip will end far better than any of us thought it would. Kirk Benson will go today and he will under the Mets microscope as he was belted around last Sunday (which was the last time he pitched so he has a couple of days extra rest) and the rumble of shoulder trouble for Benson has been murmured. Of course the Mets claim it's all hog wash but where there 's smoke there's fire as Benson missed the beginning of the season with a strain to his pectoral muscle and he has a history of injury so this could something serious (a tear) or something minor like a tired arm. This start today will be very interesting not just to see Bensons health but I'd love for once that the Mets win a get away road game. "THE GREAT PIAZZA DEBATE" It seems as if Piazza's fracture of the wrist is more serious than was first reported: [Earlier this week, Piazza was optimistic about returning as soon as he was eligible to come off the disabled list, which is Friday. But after seeing a physical therapist in the Bay Area yesterday, Piazza discovered that not only is the small pisiform bone at the base of his thumb broken, but the ligaments in his left wrist and forearm have been affected."It's not feeling any worse, but it's not feeling better," said Piazza, who will seek a second opinion tomorrow in New York. "It's just not responding the way I'd hoped."Piazza practiced throwing to second base before Thursday's game in Arizona, but he became discouraged when he had trouble handling pitches from Mets catching instructor Tom Nieto. With his wrist still hurting, Piazza couldn't turn his glove, and if he can't corral 40-mph throws from Nieto, he has no chance of getting behind the plate in a game. ] Not good news. Even if it takes another 10 days-2 weeks Mikey has not swung a bat so even then if he feels good his timing at the plate will be so off that it may not make much sense to activate him. If by some act of God the Mets make the post season then adding Mikey would be a coup. That brings up the question of what to do with Mikey for next year. I've seen him interviewed on TV and it's about the happiest I've ever seen Piazza as a Met. He loves Willie Randolph as he said "Willie is straight shooter and has no agenda other than winning" which is a shot at Art Howe and Bobby Valentine two of Piazza's least favorite folks. He also went on to say how rejuvenated he feels being around Wright and Reyes and now Mike Jacobs as the young guys have injected some needed enthusiasm on the club (By the way did you see Randolph in the dugout yesterday when he leaped and clicked his heels to the delight of David Wright? It was very un-Willie like) So if your the Mets do you bring Piazza back next year? I don't think money wil matter to Mike as a $5 mil one year deal would probably get his name on a contract and he seems to be in favor of splitting time with Ramon Castro and he seems to have a good relationship with Castro, something he never had with Jason Phillips and Vance Wilson. I'd take Piazza back for the 2006 season as the Piazza/Castro tandem has been very productive this season so why not take a chance on one more season.,0,7752907.story?coll=ny-sports-print "JUST CALL HIM MR. NEW YORK" In a poll conducted by the Daily News, readers picked Petey has THE MAN in NY sports: Poll results: Pedro Martinez 38% Derek Jeter 30% Alex Rodriguez 18% Larry Brown 6% Mariano Rivera 3% Joe Torre 1% Jason Kidd 1% Curtis Martin 1% Mike Piazza 1% Tiki Barber 1% TOTAL VOTES: 8,438 (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |