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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

�I�VE SEARCHED AND SEARCHED AND I STILL CAN�T FIND STEVE TRACHSEL�S CY YOUNG AWARDS� I don�t get it. I guess Mets fan just love to bitch and moan. Do you really think there is much difference between The Zambrano Project vs. Trax in the rotation? Please. If the Old Town Team offers a Youkilis or Kelly Shopach for Trax the plane ticket is on me. Another thing, now would be the time to trade Trax because if the Mets do pick up his option for 2006, that would make Trachsel a 5 and 10 man, which might limit the destination, he can be shipped out to. DEAR MURRAY CHASS, BOBBY VALENTINE IS NO LONGER THE METS MANAGER. IT�S SAFE TO LIKE THE TEAM AGAIN. SINCERLEY THE EDDIE KRANEPOOL SOCIETY Chass has a great breakdown on the NL Wild Card race but it seems he still harbors ill will for our beloved Amazin�s �WRIGHT ON�! David Lennon in NEWSDAY has a spread on David Wright. As Wright kind of hit the wall before the All-Star break, Willie Randolph wanted to rest him but it seems Wright had a different idea: [�Willie talked to me,� Wright said, recalling the conversation. �He wanted me to be more honest with him as far as how I�m feeling and stuff. But I don�t think I can ever voluntarily take myself out of the lineup. If he thinks it�s best for the team to rest me, then it�s his decision. I don�t like being out of the lineup�] Wright takes the expression �He�s a gamer� to new heights. It seems Wright knows where is bread as buttered as well: [�In New York, you could be out all night; you could be out all day,� Wright said. �It doesn�t matter what time of day; there�s always something going on. You just have to realize that baseball comes first. Because if anything interferes with baseball, it�s a no. You just have to learn to say no.�],0,1026832.story?coll=ny-mets-bigpix (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |