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Sunday, August 07, 2005

I"VE GOT A NEW TOY My new computer arrived the other day so I've been trying to figure out all the new programs and such while downloading a ton of music so I've let my blogging duties slip a bit. I hope to have a posting later this afternoon. Wonder how Willie feels about Kaz Yeesshhii now? Jae Seo picked up right where he left off as a Mets with a fabulous 7 innings yesterday. With Trachsel on the mend and maybe one more rehab start away, adding Seo to the pen or splitting time with Trax till he's 100 % makes for an interesting month and a half of baseball. As Mets fans we can be proud of this team and this is where you have to give Willie Randolph a lot of credit, after the two horrible loses to the Brewski's past Mets team would have rolled over and died. This team shakes it off and comes right back. That's the sign of a good team and it's a credit to Willie. Willie can be stuborn and can make some head scratching moves during a game but he has shown he has complete control of the team which is something sorely missed around here for a long time. (to post a comment pleas click on th etime of this posting) < |