The Eddie Kranepool Society

Sunday, August 14, 2005

"IF HE COULD, I BET WILLIE WOULD BOOT HIMSLEF IN THE ASS" After watching the rejuvenated Jae Seo pitch like a top shelf starter again yesterday, inproving to 4-1, Can't Willie and Omar Minaya say the messed up here by giving away wins by troting out Kaz Yesssshhi every fifth day? He'll never sau ti in public but I'm sure when he's alone with hisinner most thoughts, Willie slaps his forehead and goes "DOH!" Iwill give Randolph this much credit, he's thinking in the right direction in looking at a six man rotation when Trax gets back. This makes all the sense in the world as it gives Petey the extra days reast that he thrives on.'m just a bit suprised that Willie was even entertaing the idea as it' kind of progressive. Yesterday I said that in some ways Willie had a lot of Herm Edwards in him, youcould say he has some of The Tuna's ways as well: [Mets manager Willie Randolph had his tunnel vision working overtime after the game, barely acknowledging that Trachsel is a member of the organization. "Jae Seo is going to get the ball the next time for me," he said. "I wasn't clouding my mind with Trachsel. He's not even here right now. That has never been an issue for me."] That's the way you have to run a team, talk about whose here not who we're missing. That was the thing that drove me up a wall with Art Howe, he used injuries as an excuse for his incompetence. Williw is very much the opposite he's like they're hurt OK see ya when you get better. It may be cold hearted but it's the way to be. < |