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Thursday, August 18, 2005

�HEY METS, ARE YOU TRYING TO SEDUCE ME�? They�re at it again. The Mets are putting on a garter belt, fishnets and stiletto heels and giving us fans another lap dance. Here we go again. After last night we�re about to get all hot and bothered and praying we don�t end up with blue balls once more. 2 � games out of a Wild Card spot but before we dream about fighting the fall chill at Shea let�s take a look at the biggest roadblock to the post season: 8/22-8/25 @Arizona 8/26-8/28 @San Francisco 8/30-9/1 Phiilies 9/2-9/4 @Florida 9/5-9/7 @Atlanta 9/8-9/11 @St. Louis OK now that we all gone limp, let�s review a bit of last nights win. THE TORCH HAS BEEN PASSED �He is now the face of the organization for seven or eight years, or the next decade� Mike Piazza on Carlos Beltran I think we can now put the booing of Carlos Beltran to rest. After saying nada to surgery to his check bone, Beltran made his comeback memorable last night. First at bat Beltran draws a walk and then motors home on Cliff Floyd�s single. Then he comes up drops a beauty of a bunt and runs like he�s on fire to first, steals second base and scores (along with Floyd) on a David Wright hit. Beltran played with a passion and heart that has given his teammates a sudden jolt of confidence: [�A couple of days ago-and I won�t lie to you-I was thinking how this has the potential to be a horrific (final) six weeks. (Cliff) Floyd said. �I always preached health would be the key to a team winning, especially in our division (and) to come up short with our two guys was sort of a knockout.� �Coming back from the West Coast I was sitting at home thinking, �what are we going to do? What�s going to happen? We didn�t have any word on Carlos yet and nothing to look forward to�We�re in a whole different place.�] If Floyd is anything he�s honest (sort of like Sheffield Lite) and fans and players a like felt that way. How could you not? After the collision and the fact they went 2-4 on a crucial road trip, it would be easy for Beltran to throw in the towel and get surgery and take care of himself. But the guy feels he has a responsibilty to the organization to get back out on the field and contribute. This attribute has not been lost on his teammates or on the front office. Omar Minaya has said that the team wanted to but Beltran on the DL when he had the thigh contusion and Beltran would have no part of that. Think of being a teammate of Beltan�s and have some aches and pains, how could you ever ask out of the lineup after watching him? Forget how much money Beltran makes and the fact that he�s as talkative as a mime, the guy is a leader and with Beltran, Reyes and Wright the future of the organization is as bright as ever. INTER-MANIGERIAL MEMO From: Lloyd McClendon-Manager Pittsburgh Pirates To: National League Mangers Subject: Intentional walks to get to David Wright Just to let the rest of you guys know, I learned the hard way last night that walking Cliff Floyd to get to Wright is ahuge mistake. Little did I know that Wright was 5 for 6 with 11 RBI after coming to the plate after an intentional walk. See if I were a manager who had a clue of what I was doing I�d have done my homework and took my chances with Floyd. Wright has proven to me he is a very special player whose cage you should not rattle. Although he won�t admit it but he takes it personally when a player is given a free pass to get to him. Well, at least after this season I won�t have to worry about making that kind of decision, as it�s just a mater of time before I�m shown the door. Good luck you guys against Wright in the future, you�re going to need it. �PAGING MIKE JACOBS� With Mike Piazza suffering a fracture of a small bone on his left hand (the doctors won�t know the severity of the injury until the swelling goes down) Omar Minaya bypassed Norfolk and Mike DiFelice to bring up Mike Jacobs from Binghamton. Let�s hope Jacobs does not rot on the bench as he can catch and play 1st base. (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |