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Thursday, August 25, 2005

�DID SEO SELL HIS SOUL?� How do you figure the transformation of Jae Seo? When we left Seo at the end of last season he was one bitter ballplayer. He made remarks about wanting to be traded or going back to Korea and there were noisey rumblings about he and Professor Rick not exactly exchanging holiday cards. The way Seo was pitching with his fastball just a couple of mph�s faster than his change who among us would have shed a tear if Seo were shipped out? For a guy who accomplished nothing on a big league level quite frankly Seo had some balls even opening up his trap. So how did Seo go from JAG (Just Another Guy) to an unstoppable pitcher? Maturity. Seo got married and has a young child and that combination alone will keep you in check. But the most important aspect of this turn around is Seo finally giving in and trusting Rick Peterson and let him teach him how to pitch. It�s a credit to the professional way things are done these days in the Mets organization that two guy who really couldn�t stand each other get together and work to make each guy better. Seo has added not only a slider and a split but he has a cut fastball that works kind of like a slider. Now last night watching Seo warm up he just looked different to me physically, a little bulkier and more determined as well. Throughout the game Seo was consistently hitting 90 mph with his fastball and 78 mph with his change. Last year his fastball was just about in the mid 80�s and the change was the same upper 70�s. So add in the increased velocity and the nice movement on the slider to go with his plus change up it all ads up to Seo�s success. Leave it me to find a couple of faults in last night�s 18-4 ass kicking. The base running by both Victor Diaz and David Wright was shaky. First, I think I better start getting a patent on �Victor Being Victor� t-shirts like the one�s the sell for Manny Ramirez (I do own a Manny Being Manny t-shirt it has a big picture of a smiling Manny) as Diaz does some things that just makes you stare at the screen. With no outs and Diaz on second what was Baby Manny thinking by stealing third? Did you catch the WTF look on Willie�s face after that? Then with the Mets up 17-0, Diaz was on third and he tags up and scores on a fly ball. I can�t believe Doug Melvin didn�t make remarks towards Diaz and the Mets bench? Really Victor that was uncalled for. You know Willie will have a sit down with Diaz sometime this afternoon. Wright made a bad base running blunder by trying to advance to third from second base with a ball hit to the left side of the infield. I guess all this hitting is leaving guys a bit light headed. And what the hell was going through Manny Acta�s head sending Ramon �Bull of Pamplona� Castro from first to home? We know Acta has a constant windmill attached to his arm (something Willie was always accused of as Highlander third base traffic controller) but sending Castro? That�s even over the top for Acta. On a positive base running note, Kaz Matsui was involved on a play that I don�t think I�ve ever seen. With none out and Kaz on first, Carlos Beltran (I feel a huge September coming on for Beltran no explanation just a feeling) hit a groundball to Craig Counsell that looked like a sure disappointing double play. But Matsui got into a run down as Counsel threw to first to get Beltran and then stayed in the run down long enough for two runs to score as Counsell had a brain fart during the rundown and never checked the runners. By the way Matsui had three hits yesterday (and give Willie credit for playing him on the road away from the boo birds) to make his case to take back second base. The big question I�ve been getting lately form my friends who are casual Mets fans is who is this Mike Jacobs? Not many fans know that Jacobs was a 38th round pick by the Mets in the 1999 draft and was named the Sterling Award winner in 2003 as the top player in the Mets farm system. He lost the bulk of last season when he tore the labrum In his right shoulder that was a major setback. Before his call up to the Mets, Jacobs was excelling at Binghamton and then in Norfolk. Signed as a catcher Jacobs was moved to first and some Dh�ing and seems to consider himself a first baseman more that a catcher. What�s even more amazing is he was thisclose to being shipped back to Norfolk after Sunday�s game. �IT �S LIKE HITTING THE POWERBALL� If you think Mike Jacobs is all that and a bag of chips check out what these two farm hands have done: TM PLAYERS AB R H RBI W K AVG NYM Milledge, L, CF 5 2 4 0 0 1 .337 - 2B, SB (11), CS; 10-for-20 w/ 8 R in last 4 G NYM A.Hernandez, SS 5 0 2 0 0 2 .327 - SB (24) Eric Mirlis has a terrific piece up on the Mril .com on Doc Gooden. The more this disapperaence of Gooden goes on the worse it looks. I have an awful feeling this will not end well. (To Post A Comment Please Click On The Time Of This Posting) < |