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Sunday, August 14, 2005

A couple of items from Jon Heyman's column in today's Newsday: [The Orioles seem uneasy employing steroids cheat Rafael Palmeiro, and although it's still a longshot that the Mets would take a chance on Palmeiro, one Mets person pointed out, "The two guys across the river are surviving nicely," meaning Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield.Ultimately, though, that's a tough one in terms of p.r.] Why would the Mets even entertain thinking about Palmeiro? This guy is now persona non grata in the baseball world plus he's old, even though he'll take anything to stay young and virli. The Mets are tryng to younger. and as for Giambi and Sheffield the Highlanders would love to dump both of them no matter how much production they've given the team lately. [Piazza's fitting finishCharacteristically, Piazza has handled his final year in New York with dignity and class. One Mets official said, "We'd love him back if there was a DH in the National League." ] Mikey is a liability behind the plate and that's what will stop the Mets from offering a deal for '06. You know that Petey just hate pitching to Mike so as far as it would be nice to go with a Castro/Piazza battery next year I don't see it happening.,0,4480692.column?coll=ny-sports-print < |