The Eddie Kranepool Society

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"THE CATCH" If you went to bed before the 8th inning last night and thought you missed it, don't worry as ">THE CATCH will be shown again and again and again, and you know what? It will never get old. David Wright made a catch last night the will be replayed like Kevin Mitchell's bare handed catch in the left field corner of Riverfront Stadium and the thru the fence catch by Rodney Mc Crae. Wright with his back to home plate, ran for a bloop hit off the bat of Brain Giles in the no mans land between third and left field. Wright lunged for the ball and caught it with his bare right hand before he landed spread out on the outfield grass. The play was so spectacular the fans at Petco Field gave Wright a rousing ovation. The play hs to be seen to be be beliveved. < |