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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"BREAKING OUT THE WHOOPIN' STICKS" I'm putting out a quickie post today as we had my sons birthday party today with about 15 of his friends and after three hours of mini-golf, go-karts and batting cages I need to relax before the big third game finale against the Snakes tonight. A couple of observations on last nights game:

  • Just when your ready to shovel dirt on The Zambrano Project he tosses a gem. You can't tell me that Professor Rick wasn't ready to bust his buttons last night over that performance. Think about it, if during say last January or February I said that Zambrano would be put on the spot to either pitch well or take a hike we all would have said he'd have broke down worse than Jimmy Swagart. Well, The Zambrano Project showed mucho cajones last night and made the decision on Trax a little more difficult. It seems before the game that Willie and Omar had set Trax up for a start on Sunday against the Giants which in turn moves Benson back a couple of days and if the stay with the five man rotation may knock out The Zambrano Projects next start. The Mets are the ONLY team in baseball with this kind of dilemma. It's like Jessica Alba trying to decide if she is going to wear the ultra tight top or the dress with the big slit up the side.
  • I asked Ramon Castro to step up and show me he's no Vance Wilson, well RC stood and delivered with 5 RBI last night and a stellar game behind the plate. Maybe when Vance grows up he can be the next Ramon Castro.
  • Could you write a better script than what Mike Jacobs is putting together. Someone better hide the sharp objects from Eyechart as it looks as though he will have an extended stay in St. Lonesome.
  • I said this earlier in the season and I say it again, after the season Omar needs to sit down with David Wright and his agent and hammer out a ten year deal. My god, how good is this guy? After last night he has 80 RBI and could get to 100 if he stays on this course. Start investing in Wright memorabilia now as it's the next Microsoft.
  • Heath Bell plus his new splitter equals NASTY!
  • Seriously my heart hurts for Doc Gooden and his family. The one thing I hope is that Gooden has finally hit rock bottom and will get the help he most desperately needs. Finally it seems that all the enablers in his life from the Highlanders to his family are ready to let the chips fall where they may. I was not only fortunate enough to wittiness some of the greatest pitching performance in history by Gooden by I have also met him and the guy could not have been more charming. He has a dark side and hopefully he will turn himself in and turn his life around. Thank God Straw did but he had to hit rock bottom first. Don't criticize Doc for his destructive lifestyle say a prayer for him instead that he turns it around.

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