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Saturday, July 02, 2005

"WILLIE GETS GREEDY" Someday I'll figure out this bullpen rotaion of Willie Randolph's. Aaron Heilman goes from starter to forgotten man to middle man to set up man to forgotten man again. Last night after relieving Tom Glavine in the sixth, Heilman gave the Mets two soild innings of work as a bridge to set up man Roberto Hernadez. But hold on here. Randolph decides to go one more inning with Heilman who proceeds to alow runners on base. Then there was a bit of confusion as Koo and Hernadez were warming up and when the call came to the pen both pitchers look as though they were coming in. But the call did go to Hernandez, the man who has owned the eighth inning this year. Hernadez gave up the tying run on a fluke hit off his glove by Luis Castillio. After the game Hernandez was one pissed off hombre: Asked if there was some reason he hadn't started the eighth inning, Hernandez couldn't hide his annoyance. "Why don't you ask them?" he said, pointing disgustedly toward Randolph's office. "I just pitch when I get called. OK Willie Why?: "Heilman was throwing the ball well," Randolph said. "I thought I could get a little more out of him." If Heilman came on in the fifth then Randolph would have a case but not when you get the sixth and seventh out of Heilman AND your best reliver has been your eighth inning set up man, Hernandez, you bring him in to start the inning. I've yelled about this before, Willie has to get his bullpen rotation in order. Players like to know their roles. Hopefully, Willie will get the hang of this yet. Victor Diaz goes down to Norfolk to play some first base. I have no problem with this demotion as Diaz has rotted on the bench since he cme back up. But the question I have is with Mike Jacobs at Norfolk and Brett Harper up to Binghamton what is the organizations plan here? So far it looks as though Jacobs is going back to being a catcher and Diaz will play some first at Norfolk. Meanwhile Harper, back after his two week suspension from a bar brawl in St. Lonesome, is a REAL first baseman and a slugger. So is the organization lookig toward 2006 with Jacobs as the heir apparent to Mikey P and Baby Many as the answer to first base or does Diaz take over right field and can Harper make the jump to the big leagues in '06? According to the Adam Rubin in todays NY Daily News it does not look like Omar Minaya will be letting any of the top prospects go in any trade deadline deals: [The Mets demoted Victor Diaz, who had only three at-bats since June 21, to clear room. A stint with the Tides will allow Diaz to get comfortable at first base. The rookie, who had not worked out at the position since a June 14-16 series in Oakland, resumed activities there the past two days. Diaz joined infield coach Manny Acta for a private tutorial four hours before yesterday's game. "The opportunity isn't here right now," Diaz said. Still, a Mets insider suggested Diaz isn't a primary option at first base. The Mets continue to pursue an offensive upgrade at the position, but no deals are considered imminent and Chris Woodward, Brian Daubach and Jose Offerman will rotate there for now. One club official conceded the July 31 deadline may pass without any moves if the Mets continue to hover around .500. Mets officials don't want to dismantle the farm system and compromise the 2006 season and beyond simply for the sake of making a deal.] Royce Ring more than just a LOOGY to me. WOW Jeff Torborg is doing the Mets-Marlins game for FOX today. He gets to watched two teams he nearly destroyed until they had the good sense to can his ass. < |