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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"WILLIE BREATHES A SIGH OF RELIEF" As someone who has been a Mets fan for more years than I'd like to admit to, as the Mets left men on in scoring postion every inning from the 6th thru the 10th inning, this game had the makings of a classic Mets loss. I was waiting for the Pads to win on a fluke error or have say Sean Buroughs come up and hit a game winning homer but to my suprise it was Chris Woodward who hit the "walk off-home plate hop" home run. And who was the most relived guy in the ball park? That would be Willie Randolph. Willie went into Gene Mauch mode in the 11th with his moves and if Woody does not hit that homer, Randolph would have been barbequed by Mets fans as he made some moves in the inning depleated his bench. Wright, Piazza and Loopey are due up in the 11th. Wright makes out and Piazza singles to left. Now here is where it gets interesting. Ice Wiliams in on deck to hit for Loopey. Willie decides to use Ice to run for Mike. OK, so Mike is out so Castro will bat for Loopey since he has to come into the game if it goes to the 12th right? Nope. Willie goes with Chris Woodward instead. So now unless the Mets win in this at bat, the bench has been depleated. Seeing that the Mets could not score for 5 innings with men on base who would think they would break that trend now? So what happens, Woody hits a walk off two run homer the first time in his life that he has ever hit a walk off homer and the Mets win. So how hard is it to manage in NYC? Even when you win you have guys like me second guess you. I have no problem using Ice Williams to pinch run (some folks have said use a pitcher to run but that's crazy since it was one out and Ice can go first to third on a base hit.)but the move to make was Castro as the pinch hitter. Hey, thank God it worked out for Willie and he has Woodward to thank for that. (as well as Pads pitcher Chirs Hammond who throws soooo slllloowww) How much you want to bet Woody gets a start tonight as a reward? (to post a comment please click on the time of this posting) < |