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Monday, July 18, 2005

�WE�VE GOT THE TEAM WORK TO MAKE THE DREAM WORK..LET�S GO...LET�S GO METS� Remember that one from 1986? I �ve got a lot to rant about as my head is flooded with Mets stuff. So in no particular order or reason here we go. THE BRAVES I hate them but its not Highlander hate. Its hate in a �I hate that the Mets are not run like the Braves� kind of way. After every Braves ass kicking of the Mets I�d just sit and wonder what would have happened if say Whitey Herzog was named the Mets GM back in the late 60� early 70�s? Would there have been a Mets Way? You know like how the Cardinals under George Sisler running the minors established the Cardinals Way of playing. Sound fundamental baseball both offensively and defensively. Then there was the Dodger Way. Where speed was the key to the way the Dodgers played. Of course under Earl Weaver and Cal Ripken Sr. there is the famous Oriole Way. Defense, pitching and the three run homer were staples of the Birds. Now we have the Braves Way and after this weekend I was drifting off again. Under John Schuerholtz, and the Braves minor league staff (Damn you Jet Blue for having Direct TV I�m so behind in my book reading I brought the book Scouts Honor by Bill Shanks with me on vacation and never opened it. I spent the morning going down to Florida watching SportsCenter and Mike and Mike in the Morning then going home I watched half of the Highlanders-Old Towne Team tilt last Thursday night.)have established a benchmark for excellence. The Braves dip down to their AAA Richmond team and bring up Kelly Johnson, Jeff Francoeur, Andy Marte, Brian McCann, Kyle Davies etc.etc. and they are young,ready and fundamentally sound and step into the lineup and the Braves do not miss a beat as they are ready to reclaim first place in the NL East. When the Mets reach down to Norfolk they come up with Ice Williams, Brain Daubach, and Jose Offerman, over the hill players who are extremely limited in skills. Somehow I don�t think the Mets Way will be copied by too many other teams. WILLIE RANDOLPH I�m still in Randolph�s corner but I do admit he makes it tougher and tougher to stick up for him. He finally got off his stubborn ways by sitting Yeshhhi and he has moved David Wright up in the order (not high enough though)but his in game management is very confusing to say the least. His handling of the bullpen still has no rhyme or reason ( We know Roberto Hernandez pitches the 8th and Loopey gets the 9th but can anyone tell me who gets the 7th? who�s the long man?) but I�m not going to be like some folks and call for his head, instead I�m asking what the is Sandy Alomar Sr.�s job? He�s supposed to be the �old head� bench coach to help out Randolph with some of the more stratigact manuvers he has to make so how many times are the moves that leave us scratching our heads Alomar whispering into Willie�s ear? Just asking. DANNY GRAVES I hope Omar still has the receipt. Lastings Milledge I must say I was surprised by the promotion of Milledge to Binghamton by the Mets. Last year Milledge was great for Cap City in low A then struggled a bit with St. Lucie in High A. Coming back form an injured wrist we played well hitting aver .300 and stealing 18 bases but I just wonder if he�s ready for AA as he�s only 20? Hey, I�ve never seen him play and from what I�ve read he looks as if he will be a solid major leaguer I just hope the Mets don�t rush this kid and give him time to work on plate discipline (something this organization does not work on in the minors then when players like Jose Reyes come up, everyone�s shocked he does not take many pitches)and learn the game. AL LEITER Give Rosalita Leiter Esq. credit he pitched his ass of last night against the Old Town Team and gave the Highlanders a shot in the arm they needed. If Rosalita would have gotten tattooed, the Highlanders may not have gotten over it. As it is, let�s look at this rationally. The Fish GAVE the Highlander $2.4mil to take Leiter off their hands. He was awful in South Beach and the Bronx Robber Baron thinks Barrister Al is going to put out like he did last night for the rest of the season then he�s as clueless as Freddie Ferrer. Another start like last night and Rosalita will take over the clubhouse juke box. Kaz Matsui We will see Alay Soler before we see Kaz Matsui in Flushing. (to post a comment, please click on the time of this posting) < |